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Financially troubled Caribbean investment firm applies for protection

LONDON, England - The financially troubled multi-million dollar Caribbean investment firm Harlequin Property has applied for its sales arm to go into administration.

Dead Sea resorts threatened by rising waters

EIN BOKEK - The Dead Sea is dying, goes the conventional wisdom: The water level of the fabled salty lake is dropping nearly 1.2 metres a year.

UN marks World Oceans Day with calls to preserve seas for...

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on all governments and peoples to play their part to ensure that the world’s oceans are protected for future generations, warning that they face major thre

UN-backed meeting calls for better protection of gorillas

A United Nations-backed meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, has concluded with a call for better enforcement of laws to protect endangered gorillas in 10 African countries.

Ban welcomes authorization of measures to protect civilians

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the Security Council’s “historic” decision to authorize the use “all necessary measures” to protect civilians in Libya, saying the move was an affi

UN: Journalists working in conflict areas need better protection

The United Nations agency mandated to defend freedom of expression and press freedom today called for improved safety for journalists and other media professionals working in areas of conflict or soci

Philippines vows enhanced police protection for visitors

MANILA - Philippine police vowed beefed up protection for visitors in an attempt to do hostage fiasco damage control and to lure back foreign tourists.

Demise of Kiss Flights underlines need for travel protection

If holidaymakers heading abroad were in any doubt of the need to have their trips fully financially protected, then the collapse of London-based Kiss Flights should have convinced them.

“Modesty shields” for shy flyers hit the market

With full-body scanners going into airports around the country, a Las Vegas company is selling shields designed to protect your, er, intimate areas from scrutiny.

Anti-piracy surveillance to move closer to Somalian shores

Unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones, are increasingly playing a more important role in surveillance activities to guard shipping traffic against attacks by ocean terrorists, and many of them have bee

Fears expressed over environmental protection in Uganda

An expert workshop last week in Kampala, which brought together environmental and conservation specialists and related stakeholders, has ended with expressed fears over the rapid loss of forest cover

The smartest new travel agency tool

Since 1971, leading travel insurance provider, TravelSafe Insurance, has been protecting travelers with groundbreaking products, benefits, services, and competitive pricing.

EU to review Package Travel Directive

The Consumer Commission of the European Union is launching a review of the financial protection available to travelers who book flights direct with an airline.

ETOA joins consumer protection reform

Industry, consumer groups, and others are taking part in extensive consultations on consumer protection.

More protection for Zambia tourists

The Livingstone Tourism Association and the Ministry of Tourism, Environment, and Natural Resources yesterday launched the tourism police after training personnel in protection of tourists.

India restricts tourists to save its last tigers

Tourists are to be banned from the heartlands of the 37 national tiger reserves in India amid fears that their presence is hastening the demise of an increasingly endangered species.

Sri Lanka to issue wasp protection jackets for tourists

COLOMBO - Special wasp protection jackets will be issued to tourists climbing a famous cultural heritage site in central Sri Lanka after wasp attack injuring over 80 visitors last week, a local newspa

Delhi government plans Tourist Safety Act

NEW DELHI - In a bid to protect tourists from being fleeced and harassed, Delhi government is mulling a proposal to legally empower them by enacting a Tourist Safety Act in the national capital.

Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation...

ZURICH, BANGKOK & NEW YORK - The end of the year 2008 coincides with the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of The Code and the successful meetings in Rio during World Congress III against the Sex

Space tourists to get limited protection

The European Aviation Safety Agency is developing safety rules for civilian space flight - but they will only apply while craft are in the Earth's atmosphere.

Airline watchdog calls for passenger protection

Britain’s airline passenger watchdog has renewed calls for an overhaul of the rules regarding financial protection for scheduled airline passengers.

Middle East “needs more protected areas”

Governments in the Middle East should be putting more effort into protecting their natural environments and creating more protected areas, an environmental organization says.

Travel cover against airline failures available soon

Later this coming week, travel cover will be offered in the UK that protects the holidays of the travelling public again airline collapse.

Airline passengers lack protection

As rising fuel prices put pressure on airlines, a new report has expressed concern at the financial security offered to passengers.

FTO calls for financial protection for all air travelers

"Airlines are facing difficult times with high and rising jet fuel prices, a global economic downturn, ever fiercer competition from and between the no frills carriers, and rising airport security costs," said Andrew Cooper, director general of the Federation of Tour Operators.

Lately going bust seems to be airlines’ favorite pastime

I'm a numbers guy. Loved statistics in college. I ruminate over batting averages and calculate in my head exactly how to add a 15 percent tip.

Best way to travel is on a credit card

Up to nine million British travellers who put together their own 'DIY' holiday breaks this year run the risk of losing their money if their travel company goes under - because they have paid for their flights and hotels by debit card, cash or cheque.

India to spend $13.15M to protect tigers

NEW DELHI - The Indian government plans to spend more than $13 million establishing a special ranger force to protect the country's endangered tigers, following pressure from international conservationists to save the wild cats.