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Tourism official: Cases of sex tourism in Philippines are isolated

MANILA, Philippines - Malacañang yesterday disputed the claim of US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr.

Tourist forced into prostitution in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv police arrested three people on Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping a 23-year-old tourist and forcing her into a prostitution ring.

Amid budget cuts Dutch taxmen go after prostitutes

Amid budget cuts and falling revenues, the Dutch government has warned prostitutes who advertise their wares in the famous windows of Amsterdam's red light district to expect a business-only visit fro

Tourism officials fear AIDS will undermine Bali’s tourist image

A leading tourism official said on Wednesday that child prostitution was a major contributor to increasing HIV/AIDS cases in the country’s tourism hot spots, while another official from Bali claimed

Sex tourism thrives in Costa Rica

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - The slumping global economy is having a stimulus effect on Costa Rica's famous sex-tourism industry, as a growing number of unemployed women -- from Colombia to the Dominican Re

Mayor cracks down on street prostitution at Barcelona’s tourist spot

Spain's prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has called on the mayor of Barcelona to clean up street prostitution in his city, where the famous Ramblas boulevard and other emblematic places

Your land is my land: Vancouver hosts 2010 Olympics

The Canadians have done it again! This is the third time the Olympic Games will be held in this country, although it is the first time this British Columbia province is the designation recipient.

Spitzer loved earth and her (sinful) daughters

Until he took office as New York governor in January 2007 for a little over a year, Eliot Laurence Spitzer’s pet peeves were environment’s worst enemies.