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About to be on Strike: Flair Airlines

The Canadian Union of Public Employees has filed 72-hour strike notice for Local 4060, representing 139 flight attendants who work for ultra-low-cost carrier Flair Airlines.

German transport minister calls for pan-European air tax

German Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer called for a proposed air passenger tax to be extended to other European countries, according to a German newspaper.

Minister: No Alcohol Zone for tourists in Brunei

Brunei's religious affairs minister has poured cold water on a plan to set up an "alcohol zone" for tourists in this Muslim country saying it would invite God's wrath.

Bar UK deals severe blow to new London airport proposal

The Board of Airline Representatives UK, sometimes referred to as Bar UK, has dealt a massive blow to the proposal of a new London airport in the Thames Estuary.

RwandAir privatization update

The Rwandan national airline has reaffirmed its desire to continue with the privatization process at some stage in the future, when the value of RwandAir has increased and interest in the acquisition

FAA crew training proposal will not work, says ATA

The Air Transport Association of America (ATA) yesterday filed comments expressing serious and broad concerns about a Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) proposed regulation that would rewrite pil

Unite: Proposal is rejected by BA’s cabin crew

LONDON - British Airways PLC's cabin crew Monday rejected proposals put to them by the airline, Unite said.
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