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Canada’s Transport Minister marks International Civil Aviation Day

The Honorable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, issued this statement today to mark International Civil Aviation Day: "As Canada's Minister of Transport, it is my...

UN launches major push to improve global sanitation by 2015

In a bid to improve the health and well-being of millions of people worldwide, the United Nations today launched a major push to accelerate progress towards the goal of halving, by 2015, the proportio

UN climate change chief calls for political leadership on key issues

The top United Nations climate change official said that progress has been made on key issues during the just concluded negotiations in Germany, while areas that will need decisions by the world’s p

Bahrain’s Ambassador: Reforms and progress will continue

MANAMA, Bahrain - With a situation different from other countries experiencing unrest in the Middle East, Bahrain faces more complex and time-consuming solutions, Bahraini Ambassador to the U.S., Houd

UN: Significant progress on steps for separation of North and South...

North and South Sudan have made “significant” progress on a wide range of follow-up arrangements between the two States following the southern region’s vote for independence, the top United Nati

UNWHO: Ample resources vital to maintain global health progress

Last year was full of “big events” for public health, including the launch of a new meningitis vaccine and an aggressive new strategy for polio eradication, the head of the United Nations health a

Cyprus reunification talks make progress on economic issues

Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders made more progress today on economic issues and exchanged further ideas on governance and power sharing in United Nations-sponsored talks aimed at reunifying

Talks between American Airlines, unions showing little progress

Negotiations on new contracts between AMR Corp., the parent of American Airlines, and its unionized mechanics, pilots and flight attendants are moving at a glacial pace, participants say.

IMEX Politicians Forum shows progress and co-operation are growing

A record 25 politicians attended the sixth IMEX Politicians' Forum in Frankfurt this year, which was marked by high-level representation from the UK, Canada, South Africa and Australia for the first t

The Travel Partnership Corporation announced significant progress at annual general meeting...

(Forimmediaterelease.net) Addressing the Annual General Meeting of The Travel Partnership Corporation, Tralliance President and CEO, Edward A. Cespedes, reported significant progress with the .travel Registry and its effects on the global travel industry.

Airline passengers’ advocates make little progress

Getting the airline industry to improve customer service is like trying to move a parked 747: You need a whole lot of people pushing with all their might - or one heck of a tractor - to overcome the leviathan's resistance to motion.
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