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IATA: Global airline sector profit will grow to $7.5 billion in...

Dubai, UAE - Global airline sector profit is likely to grow to $7.5 billion this year, with Asia Pacific and West Asia based airlines dominating the international passenger market and leading the way

Indian banks cashing in on domestic travel industry growth

More and more banks are coming up travel credit cards, with the aim to attract frequent fliers in the country. At present, there are more than 250,000 travel credit cards circulating in the country.

TransAsia only Taiwanese carrier to pay dividend

TransAsia Airways Corp.

US carriers post lower earnings in 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Airlines for America (A4A), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S. airlines, today announced that the largest U.S.

Rising fuel costs batter Emirates’ profit

Rising fuel costs and turbulent currency markets have dragged profits at Emirates Airline lower as the industry braces for a tough year ahead.

Brazilian hotels posting double-digit performance growth

SAO PAULO, Brazil - Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels today released its bi-lingual research study, Lodging Industry in Numbers – Brazil 2011, which reveals that Brazil's continued high economic growth is s

Airlines may be forced to cut profit expectations

Fears that the global economic rebound may be winding down could force global airline executives to cut profit expectations for this year at their annual gathering beginning today in Singapore.

Industry Outlook: Lower profits for Canadian airlines

The Conference Board of Canada says in its newly released Canadian Industry Outlook: Canada’s Air Transportation Industry – Winter 2011 that following record high profitability in 2010, Canada’s

IATA slashes 2011 airline industry outlook to $8.6 billion

GENEVA, Switzerland - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) downgraded its airline industry outlook for 2011 to $8.6 billion from the $9.1 billion it estimated in December 2010.

Granddaughter, Hebrew University fight over Einstein estate profits

Albert Einstein made many contributions to modern science, but it's the videos, bobblehead dolls and Halloween masks using his image that continue to generate millions of dollars long after his death.

ATA reports 11th consecutive month of revenue growth

WASHINGTON - The Air Transport Association of America (ATA), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S.

Delta rakes in nearly 1 billion dollars in Q3

ATLANTA, GA - For the quarter ending September 30, 2010, Delta Air Lines reported that it brought in US$929 million, and that's not taking into account what is classified as "other" revenue, which pri

Most Priceline profit comes from selling European hotel rooms

Volcanic ash. A European economy on the precipice. Riots in Thailand. Online travel agency Priceline.com deftly flew through all of it, outdistancing peers yet again.

Blackout erodes Zanzibar tourism profits

STONE TOWN, Zanzibar - Zanzibar's tourism sector faces heavy losses after a power outage caused by a broken connector plunged the islands into darkness at the height of the holiday season.

Azerbaijani tourist sector profit amounts to AZN 8 million

Over the first six months of 2009, profits of Azerbaijani tourist sector increased by 1% as compared to relevant period of 2008.

Marketing sustainable tourism

World Travel Market is aiming to smash the myth that responsible tourism cannot contribute to the bottom line.

Emirates yearly earnings drop 72 percent amid downturn, but airline maintains...

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Emirates, the Middle East's biggest airline, said Thursday its profit tumbled 72 percent last fiscal year as it struggled with soaring fuel prices and a drop in demand

Airlines tackle US$1.4 billion online fraud challenge

New survey findings released today show airlines worldwide lost over US$1.4 billion to online fraudsters in 2008, about 1.3 percent of worldwide airlines’ online revenue.

US airlines may cut more seats to protect profits

U.S. airlines that pared seating capacity about 10 percent this year may deepen the cuts in 2009 to ensure the industry makes its first profit in a recession.

Fuel and taxes clip Hawaiian Airlines profits nearly 70 percent

Earnings at Hawaiian Airlines' parent company fell nearly 70 percent during the third quarter due in part to expenses related to fuel hedging contracts and an increase in the company's tax provision.

UAE low-cost airline reports surge of 81 pct in net profit...

ABU DHABI - Air Arabia, a low-cost airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), reported a net profit of 78 million dirhams (21.25 million U.S. dollars) in the first quarter of 2008, surging 81 percent over the same period in 2007, local newspaper Gulf News reported on Monday.

Profits surge 72 per cent at Hong Kong airline

Hong Kong - Hong Kong's flagship airline Cathay Pacific Wednesday announced a record-breaking 71.8 per cent increase in net profits of 901.9 million US dollars for 2007. The profits surge, which compared to 525 million US dollars the year before, was driven by strong passenger demand, a weak US dollar and fuel hedging gains, chairman Christopher Pratt said.

Why Vegas courts China

Growing Chinese wealth, relaxed visa rules promise explosion of nation’s visitors. The financial windfall that arrives with Chinese New Year — one of the most profitable and active periods of the year on the Strip — is only a fraction of what’s in store for Las Vegas.

Lourdes ‘Disneyland of God’ expects record 8m visitors for 150th anniversary...

Away from the Immaculate Conception ice-cream parlour, the Welcome to Paradise gift shop, and racks of glow-in-the-dark Virgin Marys, Noël Cannou was getting a moment's peace.

Budget airline on course for a ‘perfect storm’ as fuel costs...

The aviation industry is flying into a "perfect storm" that could halve Ryanair's profits next year, the low cost carrier warned yesterday.
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