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Boeing increases 787 production rate

EVERETT, Wash. - Boeing employees last week rolled out the first 787 Dreamliner built at the new rate of five-airplanes-per-month. The airplane is the 83rd 787 to be built.

Boeing starts building 777s at increased rate

EVERETT, Wash. - Boeing today began building the first 777 at the highest rate ever for a Boeing twin-aisle airplane.

Boeing rolls out first factory-complete 737 at higher rate

RENTON, Wash. - Boeing rolled out its first factory-complete Next-Generation 737 at the production rate of 35 airplanes a month on Dec. 4.

Boeing to boost 737 production rate to 42 per month

SEATTLE, Wash. - Boeing announced today it will increase the production rate for its Next-Generation 737 to 42 airplanes per month.

Boeing 777 returns to seven-per-month production rate

EVERETT, Wash. - Workers rolled out the first Boeing 777 jetliner at the seven-per-month rate. The airplane, a freighter, will deliver to FedEx Express in June.

Boeing to increase 777 production rate

SEATTLE - Boeing today announced its production rate for the 777 program will increase to 8.3 airplanes per month in the first quarter 2013.