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Reasons to book your travel online

Whether you are planning to travel on business of for pleasure, one thing that can get you down is the amount of organization you have to worry about for your trip.

Active shooter incidents: How to Identify a Defensible Area?

Active shooter incidents used to be rare events. People are now realizing there is a higher potential for being involved in one as the frequency of these events increases. According to a 2018 FBI report, twenty-one states around the country, from California to Maryland, saw active shooter incidents in the two-year period from 2016 to 2017, ten more than in the previous two-year perio

Benchmark to eliminate single use plastics from all 80 hotels

"I want to say one word to you. Just one word… Plastics.” Those immortal lines from The Graduate, an iconic film released in 1967,...

UN expert: Medical waste becoming an increasing problem

Medical waste is posing a growing problem worldwide, jeopardizing the health of staff, patients, disposal workers and anyone else coming into contact with the often hazardous materials discarded by ho

A380 engine problem prompts Qantas – Rolls-Royce talks

SYDNEY, Australia – Qantas said it was talking to Rolls-Royce about an oil problem with an A380 superjumbo's engine, but added the incident was not connected to November's mid-air blast.

TAM jet forced to return to JFK

RIO DE JANEIRO — TAM Airlines says one of its jets took off from New York's JFK airport but was forced to return 20 minutes into the flight because of a mechanical problem.

Taking taxis not easy for visitors to Vancouver

VANCOUVER - Cruise-ship passengers arriving in Vancouver must often wait two or more hours to get cabs, according to the president and CEO of Port Metro Vancouver.
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