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Hawaii sends warm video postcard to a cold country

(eTN) - While most places on the US mainland are blanketed with snow, what better way to advertise the warmth of the Hawaiian islands than with a 3 1/2-hour video postcard?

As far as Hawaii is concerned the Pro Bowl is coming...

HONOLULU, HI — Hawaii is celebrating the fact that they get to welcome back the Pro Bowl to Aloha Stadium next year.

HTA finally votes to bring Pro Bowl back to Hawaii

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) board voted 9 to 1 today to bring the Pro Bowl back to Hawaii’s Aloha Stadium.

Scolded tourism officials reconsider bringing Pro Bowl back

After being scolded for passing up on a Pro Bowl contract, Hawaii Tourism Authority board members told lawmakers today they would reconsider the deal.

Hawaii Tourism Authority turns down Pro Bowl offer

The Pro Bowl's future in Hawaii remains uncertain after the Hawaii Tourism Authority rejected the latest offer from the National Football League that would have brought the game back to Aloha Stadium

2009 Pro Bowl results show increase in visitor spending and tax...

HONOLULU, HI – The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA), the state agency for tourism, has released results of a visitor research survey on the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl held at the Aloha Stadium on February 8.