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Condor airline fined for price-fixing

Germany's Federal Cartel Office has fined Condor airline euro1.2 million (1.6 million) for illegally fixing prices on the flights between Germany and Turkey.

Court: Lawsuit against Qantas may proceed

Qantas Airways Ltd., Australia’s biggest airline, and six other carriers, must defend against claims they participated in a global conspiracy to fix rates for international air cargo shipments, an a

Northwest to pay $38M for its role in price-fixing plot

Northwest Airlines agreed to pay $38 million reparation after pleading guilty to fixing air-cargo shipments prices.

South African antitrust regulator: Penalize carriers in price-fixing scheme

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's antitrust regulator said Thursday it is recommending a penalty of 10% of annual revenue against airlines accused of fixing prices on fuel surcharges and cargo rates.

Martinair exec agrees to jail time

A Dutch airline executive for Martinair Holland will plead guilty, serve jail time and pay a fine in connection with a price-fixing conspiracy for international air cargo shipments, the U.S.

Airline price-fixing case sheds light on industry: analysts

SINGAPORE — Last month's agreement by Cathay Pacific and three other airlines to plead guilty and pay more than half a billion dollars in criminal fines has shed light on industry price-fixing, anal

Suit calls fuel charge a price-fixing scam

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