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Chinese and Japanese tourists open their wallets in Korea

Chinese and Japanese visitors like to drop big bucks while traveling in Korea, but what do they tend to buy while they're here?

Survey: Love really is in the air for Brits

LONDON, England - The British have always thought of themselves as old romantics and new findings reveal this is still the case as money doesn't stand in the way of true love, according to a survey by

Romanian tourism minister under fire over pricey dress

It's only a dress, but it's the talk of Romania.

Getting the seat you want for the price you want

The days of reserving an airline ticket and then selecting a seat for free are numbered. Increasingly, carriers are charging passengers a fee to reserve in certain rows in coach.

Southwest ups the price for unnaccompanied minors, terminates codeshare with WestJet

Southwest Airlines Co. has announced that parents of minors traveling alone will have to pay $50 to fly their children in the airline's "unnaccompanied minors" program.

Getting best cruise value

The trick to finding cruise values is to think “contrarian.”

The price wars in some markets have really hurt profitability

The nature of the lodging business is that there are always peaks and troughs of demand related to the supply available in any given market.

Surviving the distribution price wars

It has been a tough past year for revenue management professionals to get the financial flow moving in the right direction.

Competing in a price war without suffering long term damage

Revenue management professionals have had to combat several critical issues over the last year or so.

Space tourism – too rich for Queen

Space tourism is apparently too rich for royal blood.

Alaska Airlines increasing the price of companion fares

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Alaska Airlines says in a letter to its customers that it is increasing the cost of companion fares available through its Visa Signature card from $50 to $99.

Travel costs are the determining factor

The price is the decisive factor: increasingly the choice of destination is determined by the travel budget.

Was your hotel room worth the price you paid?

NUREMBERG, Germany - Six hundred thousand hotel ratings are being analyzed by www.hotel.info from booking customers from around the world in terms of the price performance of 3- and 4-star hotels.

Royal Caribbean Cruises suspends fuel supplement

MIAMI, FL - Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.

Cruise lines face stormy weather

When the 54,000-tonne cruise ship Westerdam leaves Fort Lauderdale, Fla., later this year, the boat is likely to be filled, even in the face of the ongoing global economic crisis.

Northwest profitable with oil at $100 – CEO

Northwest Airlines Corp, which is set to be acquired by Delta Airlines, can be profitable with oil at $100 per barrel, Doug Steenland, the company's chief executive, said on Wednesday.

Domestic air travel set to become dearer

NEW DELHI: Domestic air travel is all set to become dearer. With the crude oil prices touching $120 a barrel and Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) prices shooting up, airlines have announced that the fuel surcharge per ticket will increase by Rs.150 for short-haul flights and by Rs.350 for long-haul flights. Fare hike by 10 p.c.

Senate roadblock stalls airline ad changes

OTTAWA - Transport Canada has yet to launch consultations into new rules forcing airlines to advertise the full price of airfares eight months after a law was passed requiring it to do so, raising concerns the popular initiative could be killed.

Next generation in meta-search: Content, context and customization

Six to eight billion — according to Yen Lee, a former Yahoo! manager and now president of Internet start-up Kango.com, that’s approximately how many travel-related searches are conducted in North America each year on the Web’s major search engines.
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