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Thai police fights to turn the tide of child sex tourists

He seemed a little confused and unsure of his surroundings. Karl Kraus sat alone in a cell, his blue, watery eyes following me as I entered the holding area of a Chiang Mai courthouse.

Cruise industry re-examines how it can prevent outbreaks of sickness at...

A recent spike in stomach-churning illness blamed on a nasty virus has forced the multi-billion-dollar cruise industry to re-examine how it can prevent wide-scale outbreaks of sickness at sea.

Seychelles to get more assistance against piracy

With the three Seychellois piracy victims now safely back home, more efforts to prevent piracy incidents in the island archipelago’s waters have become known.

Global airlines move to reduce infection risks

ATLANTA - Global airlines, still reeling from the recent flu-virus scare, have stepped up efforts to protect passengers from health risks on international flights.

Warning: Disturbing content

According to Amazon Tour’s owner Phil Marsteller, he has searched the words “child sex tourism” on Google. What he found has disturbed him.