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Precision Air’s financial troubles go into public domain

(eTN) - Troubling financial details are emerging from Dar es Salaam over the financial status of Precision Air, Tanzania’s only publicly-quoted airline company on the Dar Stock Exchange, with major

Precision Air announces review and fine-tuning of strategic 5-year plan

(eTN) - Precision Air today announced a review of their 5-year strategic plan as part of their intended expansion into new markets. After three months on the job, Ms.

Precision Air targeted by smear campaign?

(eTN) - There are growing indications that the breaking news story yesterday morning in Tanzania’s Daily News about the alleged ban of Precision Air by Zanzibari authorities is both a fluke as well

Precision Air gets new CEO

TANZANIA (eTN) - Precision Air, Tanzania’s fastest-growing airline, has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer after voluntary retirement of Mr.

Precision Air resumes Kigoma flights

(eTN) - Precision Air has confirmed that the airline has on Wednesday this week resumed operations to Kigoma, a town located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Battle for supremacy in Tanzania’s airline industry set to intensify

The battle for supremacy in the country's civil aviation industry is set to intensify, following the entry of low cost carriers in the market.

Pilots’ representative told to get facts right or shut up

(eTN) - It took less than a day for Precision Air, Tanzania’s leading airline, to respond to a range of allegations made by the Secretary General of the association of Tanzanian pilots, who took aim

Precision Air holds first AGM after IPO of last November

(eTN) - Tanzania’s premier airline, Precision Air, held their first post IPO Annual General Meeting.

Arusha Municipal Airport open for business again

(eTN) - In an overnight communication from the Tanzania’s safari capital of Arusha it was confirmed that Precision Air, Tanzania’s leading airline, has resumed scheduled operations to the Arusha M

Precision Air connects Tanzania and Zambia

TANZANIA (eTN) - Responding to outcries from tourists and business travelers between Tanzania and Zambia, Precision Air, Tanzania’s fast-growing, private-owned airline, has launched three weekly fli

Precision Air goes back to drawing board

(eTN) - The poor take up of the airline’s IPO in November, which raised only just over US$7 million instead of the anticipated nearly US$18 million they expected in their coffers at the end of the f

Air Tanzania to get airborne again on Tuesday

The Tanzanian national airline that was grounded for months is due to return to the skies over Tanzania on Tuesday this week.

Precision Air’s IPO finally gets take-off clearance

(eTN) - Regulatory authorities in Tanzania have finally bowed to increasing pressure to allow Precision Air, a privately-owned airline of Tanzania and partner of Kenya Airways, to go ahead with their

Tanzania’s privately-owned airline extended wings to South Africa

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) - Looking to attract tourists from South Africa, Tanzania's first privately-owned airline, Precision Air, has extended its schedule flights to cover southern African reg

Precision Air expands web-based services

(eTN) - Tanzania’s leading privately-owned airline, Precision Air, has now formally launched their web-based payment engine, which allows clients to settle their ticket cost by using the leading cre

Precision Air outlines fleet development plans

(eTN) - Tanzania’s leading airline, Precision Air, outlined their plans for the next 5 years in regard to additional aircraft acquisition.

Precision Air returns to Bukoba – looks at expansion

(eTN) - The rise of Precision Air to the level of a quasi-national airline – in view of the decline of Air Tanzania over the past year – has brought new connections to the Tanzanian traveling publ

Aviation news: Tanzania Airports Authority fails to connect taxiway to hangar

(eTN) - The US$5+ million maintenance hangar, built by Precision Air and due to be ready at the latest by March of this year, will most likely have to stand idle for some time longer, as the Tanzania

Aviation news: Legal case against Precision Air termed frivolous

(eTN) - A case filed in the Tanzanian High Court in Dar es Salaam a few days ago, against the country’s leading airline Precision Air over an alleged claim of about US$230,000, has been called "friv

Precision Air to go first six then seven

UGANDA (eTN) - The Ugandan travel trade and business community were last week invited to a corporate dinner hosted by Precision Air of Tanzania in the presence of CEO Alfonse Kioko and the Acting High

Precision Air plans IPO for late 2010

(eTN) Tanzania’s premier privately-owned airline,

Precision Air’s rags to riches story

Precision Air Services Ltd. is an entrepreneurial brilliance at its high point. The airline known as PW in IATA two-letter codes is going places!

Precision Air to expand Tanzania network

Information was sent to this correspondent over the last weekend that

Precision Air gets new ATR 42

Tanzania’s leading private airline and partner of Kenya Airways took delivery early last week of yet another ATR 42-500 aircraft, part of the purchase deal signed with the French manufacturer some y

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Precision Air suspends Mwanza to Bukoba route

KAMPALA, Uganada (eTN) - Tanzania’s largest private airline last week has now confirmed that it has suspended the Mwanza to Bukoba route, as part of a move to phase out its old’ LET 410 19-seater aircraft.

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Fly 540 now set for Entebbe

Fly 540 now set for Entebbe Wolfgang H. Thome(eTN) - Launched on Monday with yet little fanfare and following shortly after its first regional destination (Southern Sudan’s capital of Juba), Fly 540 has now started operating their next regional route to Entebbe.