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Dollar boost for British tourists

British travellers to the United States are getting a better deal thanks to the renewed strength of the pound against the dollar, a holiday company has said.

Hairdressing ‘tourists’ go North for a bargain

Donegal businesswoman Joanne Rodden drove for three hours on Friday morning through the dark, ice and snow just to get a haircut.

Britain braced for French tourist invasion

The number of French tourists visiting the UK looks set to almost double this year because of favourable exchange rates.

Tourist industry selling England by the pound

LONDON - With the pound at new lows against the euro and the dollar at the end of 2008, Britain looked good value to Maltese couple Mario and Josanne Cassar.

UK Village offers special euro rate to attract tourists

Historic UK village is offering a one-for-one exchange rate between the Euro and the pound in a bid to attract tourists.

Pound’s flirtation with euro parity hits tourists

LONDON — British tourists going to continental Europe to celebrate the New Year were getting fewer euros for their pounds on Tuesday than at any time since the common European currency's 1999 launch

Euro causing drop in UK tourists to Greece

Greece expects a big drop in the number of tourists this year from Britain, its most frequent visitors, because of the strong euro, Tourist Minister Aris Spiliotopoulos warned Tuesday.Like other Mediterranean economies with major tourism, Greece was set to suffer from a "financial crisis in Europe" and the euro's strength against the dollar, Spiliotopoulos told journalists.