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Malaysia jumps three positions in world ranking for meetings

LOS ANGELES - Malaysia leaped a notable three places to the 28th position in the latest ICCA, International Congress and Convention Association, country rankings.

Travel industry backs campaign for UK tourism minister

Campaign demanding that the next UK government creates a post for a dedicated tourism minister has won high level backing from within the industry.

Tourist board offers £72,000 position comprising snorkelling, kayaking and having fun...

As terms and conditions of employment go, they're hard to beat and are sure to have job hunters across the world updating their CVs.

US Airways is among vulnerable airlines

When their efforts to buy Delta Air Lines failed 14 months ago, US Airways executives returned their attention to a long list of challenges, from union negotiations to a new reservations system.Those may turn out to be minor compared with the looming financial crisis the Tempe-based airline faces as it moves on after the collapse of merger talks with United Airlines last week.