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Johannesburg remains Africa’s most popular destination city

Johannesburg has emerged as the most popular destination city in Africa for the fifth consecutive year, according to the annual Mastercard Global Destination Cities...

The most popular destination cities in Africa emerged

Johannesburg has emerged as the most popular destination city in Africa for the fifth consecutive year, according to the annual Mastercard Global Destination Cities...

United States is favorite holiday destination for UK lottery winners

LONDON, England - Nearly a third of UK lottery millionaires looking to get away after a jackpot win are likely to book a holiday to the United States, according to a recent study of past winners' spen

White House: US popular with tourists again

More people from around the world are holding court with Disney World princesses and pondering the Grand Canyon's depths this year, all the while boosting the US economy, according to a White House re

Bali rapidly becoming popular spiritual tourism destination

BALI, Indonesia - Travel agents in Bali have seen increasing demand from foreign tourists to provide spiritual tourism packages, an association said Saturday.

Oman becomes one of most popular tourist destinations in region

MUSCAT, Oman - Oman has come to be known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Gulf and Middle East thanks to the country’s strategic location and its unspoilt natural beauty with i

Peru’s popularity with tourists soars

LONDON, England - Peru is set to become one of the most popular destinations of 2012 as tourists from around the world flock to sample the delights of this exotic country and its excellent tourist ame

Mexico remains number one cruise destination worldwide

MIAMI, Fla. - Mexico has retained the coveted position as number one recipient of cruise lines, globally.

Dubai expected to be top winter destination in 2012

Dubai will be a top destination in 2012, as increasing numbers of Brits head abroad on holidays to Dubai.

Orlando to remain the hottest US tourist spot in 2011

Orlando has been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world for many years, but it saw a record number of visitors in 2010.

British tourists increasingly focusing on Spain

LONDON, England - According to Travelmatch, holidays to Spain are proving to be very popular with British tourists.

Spanish holidays dominate UK summer sales rankings

MANCHESTER, England - Online travel agent On the Beach has released its ten most popular destinations for British tourists this coming summer.

Turkey emerges as popular medical tourism destination

Turkey has emerged as one of the most popular destinations in Europe for medical tourism. The country’s medical tourism industry has unprecedentedly grown during the past few years.

Spain remains top winter destination for chilly Brits

LONDON, UK - Spain proved to be the most popular destination for one quarter (25%) of Brits taking a fly drive holiday during December 2010 and January 2011, with a total of three Spanish resorts list

Austria gaining popularity among Eurail Pass travelers

UTRECHT, Netherlands - If you were going to only visit one European country this year, what would it be?

Irish holidaymakers flock to Casablanca

DUBLIN - Casablanca has come out top of the new league table for Irish travellers, Hotels.com has revealed in its latest poll of the fastest rising destinations.
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