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Global recovery must start with the poor

Unjustified cuts in aid to the poor during a financial crisis could violate human rights standards, and economic recovery must start with the most vulnerable, according to a United Nations human right

South Africa’s poor will get tickets to 2010 World Cup

Officials are concerned that despite a special category of some of the cheapest tickets in World Cup history, poor blacks will not come to matches, robbing the event of the noisy and colorful atmosphe

Widening gap between rich and poor affects holiday travel

BERLIN - Holiday plans and travel trends are increasingly mirroring the social divisions between rich and poor.

Philanthropic travel connects tourists with world’s poor

When clients of the luxury travel agency Artisans of Leisure flock to Vietnam, they peruse the floating markets of the Mekong Delta or take in lotus flowers blooming around the ancient pagodas of Hue.

Tourism chiefs slam ‘unreliable’ taxi services

Overwhelming dissatisfaction with taxi services across the country has prompted calls for a federal government review of the industry.The poor standard of taxi services is a major concern for the tourism industry, says a group representing the tourism, transport and infrastructure sectors.