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The 10 commandments of air travel

Delays, cancellations and destroyed travel plans: 2018 has been one of the worst years in terms of flight disruptions.

Morsy grants himself new powers allowing him to run Egypt unchecked

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has issued an order preventing any court from overturning his decisions, essentially allowing him to run the country unchecked until a new constitution is drafted, his

Bahrain hopes for quick tourism sector recovery

After seeing tourist arrivals fall dramatically last year in the wake of the political unrest in the country, Bahrain is hoping that the return of the Formula One race will be a catalyst that will hel

Egypt tourism expected to recover fast

Dubai - Tourism industry insiders say that the political unrest in Egypt may have only a short-term impact on hotels, cruises, hospitality development and travel cancellations as the Egyptian tourism

Egypt unrest sends tourist industry workers on unpaid leave

Tourist resorts, hotels and tourism companies in Red Sea area granted 90% of workers open-ended periods of leave without pay after tourism sharply declined amid ongoing nationwide unrest.

UN to send human rights team to assess situation in Tunisia

The UN’s human rights chief will send a team to Tunisia next week to assess the country’s human rights situation amidst recent political unrest, which her office says has so far led to more than 1

Thai airline industry: Traffic, passenger numbers are down

BANGKOK — Political clashes in Thailand are leaving their mark on the nation's travel industry, with Thai Airways International PCL and state-owned Airports of Thailand PCL saying Tuesday that passe

The tourism security threat on our desk

I recently accepted an invitation to be a keynote speaker at an upcoming International Tourism Security and Safety Summit conference, which will take place in Cairo 17-21 October, and the invitation g

Thai tourism improves though operators still wary of political unrest

It appears that Thailand's tourist sector has improved this summer due to an increase in foreign arrivals, but operators remain wary of any political unrest that could drag the sector down again.

48% of all Phuket hotel projects delayed, consulting firm claims

Up to 48 percent of all new hotel developments in Phuket are experiencing major construction delays triggered by the global economic downturn and concerns over Thailand's political stability, a report
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