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Taiwan to review Chinese tourist policy in 3 months

Premier Wu Den-yih says the policy allowing individual Mainland Chinese tourists to Taiwan will be reviewed after three months.

Angry Hong Kong tour guides decry new policy

Hong Kong's new one-guide, one-tour policy will drastically reduce income, say over 1,000 tour guides, who staged a protest against it.

UN climate change chief urges nations to act on Cancun agreements

The United Nations climate change chief today on countries to follow up on the recent conference in Cancún with higher global emissions cuts and the rapid launch of new institutions and funds.

Abbott to announce funding for Australian battered tourism industry

Tony Abbott is set to unveil the Coalition's tourism policy in Cairns today, in a region battered by the impact of the global financial downturn.

US revises no-fly policy after suspected Times Square bomber taken off...

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration on Wednesday ordered airlines to step up their efforts to prevent people on the "no-fly" list from boarding flights after the suspected Times Square bomber got on

ASTA, allies welcome airline assurances

Alexandria - ASTA, the Business Travel Coalition (BTC), the Interactive Travel Services Alliance (ITSA) and the National Tour Association (NTA) today responded to statements by the chief executive off

World Travel Market improves admission policy

World Travel Market, the premier global event for the travel industry, has improved its existing admission policy.

ASTA asks United Airlines to rescind new credit card policy

Chris Russo, ASTA president, sends a letter to David Myrick, vice president of sales for the Americas at United Airlines, asking that United rescind its new policy of not accepting credit cards from a

New visa policy facilitates visits to Armenia

In unprecedented steps to boost tourist arrivals, Armenia has introduced a new shorter-stay visa for guests.

Airline policy hampers charity medical mission

SARASOTA - Volunteers with a Sarasota-based medical mission are planning a trip to the Amazon next month. They want to take medical and construction supplies to help children and people with HIV.

Corporate Council on Africa delivers tourism policy recommendations to Obama administration

The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), the American business organization dedicated to increasing trade and investment ties between the United States and the nations of Africa, today delivered policy

ASTA praises Sen. Clinton for signaling Cuba policy change

ALEXANDRIA, VA - ASTA is praising President-elect Barack Obama' nominee to be Secretary of State, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY), for signaling a change in American foreign policy with respect

PATA questions UK government policy on air departure taxes

The UK government's decision to raise departure taxes from British airports is short-sighted and self-defeating.

Nepal to set new tourism policy

KATHMANDU - The Nepali government is currently preparing for a new tourism policy based on the concept of government-private-public partnership, its Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Hisila Yami

Call for executive office of travel and tourism policy gains strong...

LEXINGTON, KY — Three more travel and tourism associations have joined with the National Tour Association in its call for the creation of an executive office of travel and tourism policy.

Sustainable aviation starts with sustainable policy

AMSTERDAM (August 18, 2008) - SANE (Sustainable Aviation Network Europe) organizes on September 1 the conference "Sustainable Aviation: Sound and Climate in Perspective" in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Frontier Airlines announces new fee and policy changes

DENVER, Colorado - Frontier Airlines today announced it is eliminating its current standby policy and updating fees related to some reservation changes.

Continental Airlines announces new policy for same-day flight changes

Continental Airlines today announced a new policy allowing customers to make changes to flights within 24 hours of their original scheduled departure for a discounted change fee.

To save the airlines, let the world buy them

Listening to the drama in the U.S. airline industry is the corporate equivalent to reality TV these days: Who's forming alliances, who thinks it's a good idea (airline execs), who's skeptical (unions) and who gets completely left out of the discussion (consumers).

EnCirca ensures customer compliance to new .travel policy

Boston, MA – February 12, 2008 – EnCirca, the world’s leading travel registrar, announces today its effort to assist customers in satisfying the new .travel use policy implemented in December 2007 by releasing a new tool to enable web and email forwarding of its customers’ .travel domain names.
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