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East African Single Tourist Visa likely to flop

The much touted East African Single Tourist Visa is likely to flop as partner states dithered on harmonising policies and laws, analysts are warning.

Airlines correct to vet passengers for excessive weight

Taking a commercial airline flight is, statistically speaking, the safest way to travel.However, it can still be hazardous to your health.

Overweight passengers should inquire about seat policies before booking flight

Each airline has its own guidelines on whether overweight passengers should buy more than one seat and how much it costs."Too wide for the sky?"

Kids flying solo

Numerous children ages 5-17 fly within the U.S. without an adult during summer. If your child will be among them, use this update on fees and tips to make the trip smooth.

Southwest: No linens for 2009

The swine flu prompted Southwest Airlines to do major spring cleaning.

Borg pushes cold-ironing for cruise ships

European Commissioner Joe Borg told the European Cruise Council 2009 Industry Conference, in Rome this week, that cold ironing was among policies being pushed by the EU that affect the cruise industry

Obama administration calls for limits and strict enforcement of Antarctic tourism

The Obama administration's call for limits to and strict enforcement of Antarctic tourism is strongly supported by Lindblad Expeditions (LEX), the original expedition company that has been exploring t

“Bye-Bye, Dubai”: The tarnish is showing on this once golden tourist...

Dubai has been slapped down. Half of all construction projects are on hold, the stock market value has tumbled 70%, and banks aren't lending.

Zimbabwe: ‘Review policies in tourism sector’

Harare — Zimbabwe could lose investment capital amounting to US$2 million in the tourism sector owing to unfavourable conditions and policies, Zimbabwe Council for Tourism president Mr Emmanuel Fund

Belize Tourism Board and NICH announce new policies in response to...

BELIZE CITY, Belize - The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and Belize's National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) officially announced today the establishment of mandatory protective policies for cav

To smoke … or not to smoke.

To smoke ... or not to smoke. Nothing fires up cruise travelers more than this issue.

`Flight-Mode’ policy confuses passengers

Phone makers are producing handsets that enable airline passengers to either listen to music or play games but many airlines do not allow the in-flight use of mobile phones.