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Sri Lanka’s police starts tracking foreign tourists to “ensure their safety”

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Sri Lanka's police have begun keeping track of foreign tourists to "ensure their own safety", officials announced on Monday.

Dubai cops will patrol city in $500,000 Lamborghini

Dubai already has the world's tallest building, the world's largest shopping mall, and the largest man-made archipelago.

Tourists tell police public urination is common in Spain

QUEENSTOWN, New Zealand - Two female Spanish tourists arrested for urinating in the Queenstown KFC driveway this morning responded with surprise, telling police public urination was common in their co

Five suspects confess to gang-raping Swiss visitor in central India

NEW DELHI, India - Five men have confessed to gang-raping a Swiss tourist in central India, authorities said Sunday.

Phuket police chief asks for help to reduce number of crimes...

PHUKET, Thailand - The chief of police in Phuket, Thailand, has asked for help to reduce the number of serious crimes against visitors in the popular beach resort.

Greek police arresting, beating tourists

Greek police have stepped up efforts to catch illegal immigrants in recent months, launching a new operation to check the papers of people who look foreign.

NZ police wants tourist warned after visitor killed in car crash

TE ANAU, New Zealand - Te Anau police want car rental companies to put "reminder notices" in their cars for overseas drivers, after another tourist was killed in a crash near Milford Sound on Saturday

Austrian police trying to id tourist who has lost his memory

VIENNA, Austria - Austrian police have made an appeal to the public for help over a tourist thought to be German languishing in the country for the past seven weeks who has lost his memory and has no

Goa police chief: African tourists are drug peddlers

MAPUSA, Goa, India - North Goa SP Vijay Singh recently said Nigerian tourists are drug peddlers and have shifted base from Anjuna to neighbouring places.

Maldives police arrests former president Mohamed Nasheed

NEW DELHI, India - Police in the Maldives arrested the Indian Ocean nation's former president Mohamed Nasheed on Monday after he didn't show up for a trial over accusations against him of abuse of pow

Chinese tourist swallows diamond at Sri Lankan gem expo

A Chinese tourist has been arrested on Wednesday at Sri Lanka’s biggest international gem and jewelry show.

Canadian tourist jailed in London for not wanting his Olympic tickets

LONDON, England - Kenneth Gaba, 38, was caught by police touting the two tickets for the tennis in Wimbledon, south west London, on Saturday.

Bahraini prince arrested for being drunk and disorderly on BA flight

So much for Ramadan... A drunk Arab prince was threatened with 50,000-volt Tasers by gun cops after trying to storm the flight deck of a British Airways jet.

Grand Prix tourists gawk at Montreal protests

A weekend that brought Montreal’s social unrest to the international stage ended Sunday with police clamping down on an attempt to disrupt the city’s Grand Prix Formula One race.

Police take over hotel and mall security in Kampala, Uganda

KAMPALA, Uganda (eTN) - As witnessed in recent days across the city, Ugandan security organizations have been seconded to Kampala’s leading hotels, malls, high rises, and even buildings under constr

Police removes bomb from plane at St. Angelo airport in Northern...

Bomb disposal officers have removed a 'viable explosive device' from an airport in Northern Ireland. The item was found at St Angelo - a small airport outside Enniskillen in Co Fermanagh.

Pakistan International Airlines cabin crew caught shoplifting in UK

Police in Manchester have met officials of an international airline over claims that cabin crew have been caught shoplifting in the city.

Drunk British tourists steal penguin from Australian park

Three British tourists have been accused of stealing a penguin from an Australian marine park, during a night of revelry.

Tel Aviv court releases Dutch tourist who threatened to “slaughter Jews”

A court released on Tuesday the Dutch tourist who was shot and seriously wounded by police trying to arrest him for allegedly threatening to "slaughter Jews."

Phuket police: Tourists should not leave their drinks unattended

PHUKET, Thailand - Tourists visiting nightspots in Phuket should not leave their drinks unattended as there have been incidents of people having their drinks “spiked” with potent sedatives in rece

Australian tourist electrocuted in Bali

DENPASAR, Indonesia - Police say criminal negligence is to blame for the electrocution of an 18-year-old Australian in Bali on Saturday, but have not named any suspects.

Alabama’s absurd new immigration law lands Mercedes exec in jail

Police in Alabama arrested and briefly held a visiting Mercedes-Benz executive from Germany for not having a drivers license, drawing attention to the US state's controversial new immigration law.

Rome police goes after conmen swindling tourists

You would expect a battle between gladiators to take place in Rome's Coliseum.

Japanese tourist with toy gun sparks police emergency

A teenage boy from Japan playing with a replica BB gun sparked a police emergency as police in bulletproof vests swarmed Southport.

US Airways’ passenger arrested for making terroristic threats

Philadelphia - Police arrested a woman Wednesday at Philadelphia International Airport after authorities alleged she made terroristic threats and intimidated passengers and crew.
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