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Former Khmer Rouge stronghold becomes next must-see destination

Want to see Pol Pot's grave or his broken toilet seat? How about a visit to the house of a feared Khmer Rouge commander known as “The Butcher”?

Cambodia to preserve Khmer Rouge sites as tourist attractions

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Cambodia will preserve 14 sites at the last bastion of the murderous Khmer Rouge, including the home of their leader Pol Pot, as tourist attractions, an official said Wednesda

How Cambodian culture re-emerged after the devastating Pol Pot years

The awesome grace and meticulous movements of the performers have entranced audiences since ancient times, an experience now shared with plane-loads of tourists descending on Siem Reap in western Camb

Tourists look for luck at Pol Pot’s grave

ANLONG VENG, Cambodia - He was one of the greatest mass killers of the 20th century, but that doesn't stop the hopeful from praying at Pol Pot's hillside grave for lucky lottery numbers, job promotion