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Wildlife protectionists urge Obama to discuss elephant poaching in Africa

TANZANIA (eTN) – The escalating crisis on the poaching of elephants and trade of bloody ivory from Africa is a priority issue in which US President Barack Obama should broach during his week-long to

Kenya Wildlife Service seniors face suspension and redeployment

(eTN) - Kenyans will be waking up to stark news of significant changes at the Kenya Wildlife Service, which is facing mounting pressure from the country’s tourism industry and conservationists over

Mombasa tourism industry marches against poaching menace

(eTN) - Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association (MCTA) Chairman Mohammed Hersi, also Area General Manager Coast for Sarova Hotels in charge of the Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa and the two sister lodg

Official: Botswana tourist firms aid poachers

Botswana Defence Force spokesman Major Bernard Regalase maintains that anti-poaching operations that members of the BDF have been engaged in have observed their primary duty to arrest suspected poache

Tanzania seeks support from US to protect wildlife parks

TANZANIA (eTN) - After meeting Tanzania’s Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr.

Poaching threatens Africa elephants and tourism

TANZANIA (eTN) - Making a visit in Tanzanian wildlife parks, elephants make one out of five attractions tourists would like to watch, as a herd of jumbos stride elegantly with their calves between the

WTM World Responsible Tourism Day shines spotlight on tragedy

African elephant and rhinoceros, mercilessly and illegally being poached to near extinction, are the focus of this year’s WTM World Responsible Tourism Day Opening Ceremony in London on Wednesday, N

Harsher penalties in the making for poaching in Tanzania

(eTN) - Recently, the Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania (WCFT) held it's annual fundraising dinner in Dar es Salaam.

Kenya adopts no-tolerance policy against poaching

Kenya has started a no tolerance policy against poaching and is cracking down hard in order to protect its lucrative tourism business, which depends on an intact environment and sizeable wildlife numb

Southern Sudan Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism says stop poaching...

The Undersecretary (elsewhere referred to as a Permanent Secretary) in the Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, Prof.

Tanzania provokes yet more controversy with EAC neighbors

It was learned that Tanzania has broken ranks with its East African neighbors over the ban of trade in ivory products, which was introduced under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Sp

Congo Brazzaville accused over wanton gorilla poaching

Investigative reporters working hand in hand with key international conservation NGOs have launched a broadside against the government in Congo Brazzaville over the large-scale killings of the endange

Tanzania aiming to curve poaching

Arusha, Tanzania (eTN) - Overwhelmed by an upsurge of game poaching, the Tanzania regime has announced to hire soldiers who undergo an extensive-two-years-military training under National Service (JKT

Poachers still threatening tourism

A new report has shown that Kenya's wildlife dependent tourism industry is still threatened by illegal poaching activities.The Kenya Wildlife Services Annual Report shows that more than 1,200 illegally held trophies were recovered last year from poachers.