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Revenge killings of elephant shock Kenya

(eTN) - News emerged from conservation sources in Nairobi that members of a gang of poachers, allegedly led by one Adan Kanjur, inflicted cruel death on a family of 5 elephant south of Kora National P

Akagera park rangers killed by poachers

(eTN) - The menace of poaching has finally reached Rwanda in its worst form, when reports reached early this week that two game wardens in the Akagera National Park were killed by poachers, while a th

Nyungwe poachers turn game keepers

A group of former poachers from the

More ivory nabbed, suspects arrested in Eastern Africa

Information received indicates that in recent weeks over one and a half tons of ivory has been confiscated and recovered from poachers, smugglers and individuals found with it, across Eastern Africa i

Former poachers and militants promote tourism in Assam

Manas National Park (Assam) - Having realised the futility of violence, many individuals who were into poaching or worked as militant cadres, are now saving wildlife and promoting tourism in Assam, wh