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Turkish plane had repairs 2 days before deadly crash

The Turkish Airlines plane that crashed near Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport had repairs for a malfunction two days before the accident that killed five Turkish citizens and four Americans.

The hassles of air travel have gotten worse in recent years;...

Many years ago, Cunard Line ads promoted its transatlantic crossings with the tag line "Getting there is half the fun." That may still be true of crossing the ocean by ship, but it hardly applies to a

British Airways jet with 71 aboard crash-lands

LONDON – A British Airways passenger jet carrying 71 people crash-landed at London City Airport on Friday evening, scraping across the tarmac after part of its landing gear failed, officials and wit

4 survivors, 24 dead after Brazil plane crash

SAO PAULO – Four people at the rear of a plane that crashed in a muddy Amazon river managed to open an emergency door and swim to safety as the aircraft sank, dragging 24 others to their death, offi

BA flight makes emergency landing in Nigeria: airline

LAGOS — A British Airways plane bound for London made an emergency landing in northern Nigeria late Saturday night, the airline said Sunday.

Baby delivered on plane is given Canadian citizenship

A transatlantic flight arrived in America with an extra passenger after a Ugandan woman gave birth to a baby girl with the help of two doctors aboard.

Pilot error caused plane crash near Everest – report

KATHMANDU - Pilot error caused a plane crash in the mountains of northeast Nepal that killed 18 people in October, a report said on Thursday.

Air Italy plane makes an emergency landing in Mombasa

Panic gripped passengers on board of Italian airliner when it developed a mechanical problem, soon after take off from the Moi International Airport (MIA), Mombasa.

Continental flight veers off Denver runway, injures dozens

A Continental Airlines flight carrying 112 people veered off a runway at Denver International Airport as it attempted to take off Saturday evening, catching fire as passengers escaped down emergency s

Atlantis Airlines plane missing with 11 people on board

Soon after taking off, a plane en route to New York sent a distress call, but it quickly went missing, authorities said Tuesday.

Tokyo airline stuck, waits for a taxi

A Japan Airlines passenger plane from Malaysia became stuck on the runway shortly after landing at Tokyo's main airport.

QF72 incident may lead to the grounding of Airbus A330-300...

In the October 7 incident, on Qantas flight QF72 from Singapore to Perth, passengers were hurled around the cabin after the Airbus A330 aircraft dropped with two plunges of 20 and 16 seconds 200 and 6

18 people, mostly foreign tourists, killed in plane crash in Nepal

Airport officials in Nepal say the small private Twin Otter airplane was on a short half-hour flight Wednesday morning from the capital Kathmandu to Lukla town in eastern Nepal when it crashed while t

Iron Maiden singer helps stranded tourists get home

Iron Maiden's frontman Bruce Dickinson has come to the rescue of stranded holidaymakers following the collapse of holiday company XL.

Airline to name plane Princess Mary

A recent visit by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark to her home country of Australia created such a flurry of excitement, even a local airline was starstruck.

Airline defends Madrid take-off amid relatives’ anger

The budget airline Spanair has defended its decision to clear a passenger jet for take-off despite aborting an earlier attempt because of a technical problem.

Qantas: Third high-profile emergency landing in eight days

SYDNEY, Australia - Australia's aviation agency launched a review of Qantas Airways' safety standards Sunday after a Manila-bound jetliner spraying hydraulic fuel made the airline's third high-profile

Airline fined £5,000 for flying faulty plane

A budget airline allowed a faulty jet to complete a 6,000-mile round trip from New York to Liverpool and back across the Atlantic despite knowing there was a problem with its engine monitors after it

Qantas says jet with hole can be repaired

CANBERRA, Australia — Australian airline Qantas will preserve its track record of never losing a jet plane in an accident by repairing a gaping hole in the side of a jetliner caused by an exploding

Oops where did I leave my 727?

VIETNAM - The owners of a Boeing 727 apparently abandoned at Viet Nam's Noi Bai International Airport since May last year have reportedly undertaken to take the plane back and pay overdue fees.

TACA passenger jet crashes in Honduras, 4 killed

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - A jetliner overshot a runway and raced onto a busy street in the Honduran capital on Friday, killing the pilot, two passengers and a motorist on the ground. At least 65 people were injured.

385 British tourists stranded for 48 hours in Egypt, refused to...

Cairo, Egypt - Chief of Egypt's Sharm El-Sheik airport says that 358 British tourists have been stranded there for almost 48 hours after refusing to board a Monarch Airlines plane for their flight home even though the craft, which had a "technical problem" was later repaired.

Indonesian plane skids off Batam runway

JAKARTA, March 10 (Reuters) - An Indonesian passenger plane carrying 174 people skidded off the runway in heavy rain while landing at Batam airport, an airline spokesman said on Monday.

Plane believed crashed in Venezuela

CARACAS - A Venezuelan passenger plane with 46 people aboard went missing and likely crashed in a remote mountain region soon after taking off from an Andean city just before dusk on Thursday, authorities said.