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Analysts: A380 best regarded as $25 billion write-off and an act...

Five years after its first test flight, the Airbus SAS A380 superjumbo remains more than 200 units short of making the program profitable.

Kuwait attempts to confiscate first Iraqi Airways plane to land in...

Lawyers working for Kuwait attempted to confiscate the first Iraqi Airways plane to land in London in 20 years over a dispute dating back to Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of the oil-rich Gulf state,

American Airlines jet makes emergency landing in Reykjavik

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — An American Airlines flight with 145 people on board made an emergency landing in Iceland on Tuesday after five crew members became ill, apparently from chemical fumes in the ca

Merpati Air jet brakes apart on landing, 70 injured

MANOKWARI, Indonesia – A routine domestic flight in Indonesia almost ended in disaster Tuesday when a jet carrying over 100 passengers broke apart on landing, injuring more than 70 people, officials

Qatary man subdued on United Airlines DC-Denver flight, taken into custody

WASHINGTON – The FBI is probing whether a man tried to ignite his shoes on a DC to Denver flight Wednesday, according to law enforcement officials, who say the man is a Qatari diplomat.

Explosives found in cargo hold of Kingfisher Airlines jet

NEW DELHI - A newspaper-wrapped package containing explosive material was found Sunday in the cargo hold of a passenger aircraft after it landed in the southern Indian state of Kerala, police said.

RwandAir birdstrike plane back in service

The CRJ200 aircraft of RwandAir, which recently suffered a bird strike while on the take off run in Nairobi, has now returned to flight service, following repairs which have been carried out in Kenya.

Air Tanzania B737-200 crashes in Mwanza

The beleaguered Tanzanian national airline suffered another setback yesterday, when one of its remaining aircraft, an aged B737-200 crashed while attempting to take off from the lakeside town of Mwanz

Southwest jet returns to LA after engine trouble

LOS ANGELES — A Southwest Airlines jetliner has made a safe return landing in Los Angeles after experiencing engine trouble after takeoff.

Southwest Airlines: Silent Bob too fat to fly

He may like to make you laugh, but "Silent Bob" found nothing funny about being kicked off a plane for being fat.

Cool windows, ordinary seats – Boeing shows 787 cabin

Boeing showed off the interior of a 787 Dreamliner parked Wednesday at Paine Field and provided a glimpse of some advances on the 787 assembly line inside the factory.

O’Leary: Ethiopian jet that crashed was a former Ryanair plane

The Ethiopian Airlines jet that crashed off Lebanon was used by Ryanair until last April, its chief executive Michael O'Leary revealed yesterday.

Taban Air flight crash lands in Iran, 46 injured

TEHRAN, Iran – A Russian-made Iranian passenger plane carrying 157 passengers and 13 crew crash landed in northeastern Iran on Sunday injuring at least 46 people, state television reported.

Boeing 747 ushered in new era of luxury travel

It was the kind of plane that seemed to fit the swinging go-go days with martini-swigging travelers lingering around a bar.

American Airlines jet makes emergency landing in San Jose

An American Airlines jet flying from Texas to San Francisco made an emergency landing in San Jose Monday morning after it was hit by a powerful gust of wind, a spokesman for the airline said.

Small plane crashes in East Honolulu

PALOLO VALLEY — Federal Aviation Administration investigators today plan to inspect the scene of a fiery Piper Cherokee crash that killed at least one person yesterday just off the Lanipo Trail in E

Air Berlin jet veers off runway in Dortmund

BERLIN – A jet veered off the runway at a western German airport Sunday, but no one was injured, authorities said.

Passenger tried to blow up the flight but the explosive device...

WASHINGTON – A Northwest Airlines passenger landing in Detroit on Friday tried to blow up the flight but the explosive device failed, two U.S. national security officials said.

Emirates takes delivery of its sixth A380

DUBAI - Dubai-based Emirates Airline has taken delivery of its sixth Airbus A380.

Wrongful death lawsuits filed for Italian tourists killed in crash

Five wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against the pilot of Piper fixed-wing aircraft that collided over the Hudson River with a helicopter carrying Italian tourists.

Erebus disaster etched onto Kiwi psyche

Three decades ago this week, New Zealand was a mass of tears.

First passenger plane to use biofuel lifts off

AMSTERDAM - Air France unit KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was the first airline to make a passenger flight which partly used biokerosene on Monday.

Philippine Airlines takes delivery of it’s first Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing announced on Wednesday that it has delivered a 777-300ER (Extended Range) aircraft to US leasing company GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) for its customer Philippine Airlines.

No answers yet on Qantas plane plunge

Investigators are still looking for an answer to why a Qantas jet fell more than 300 feet mid-flight last year.

TAM jet forced to return to JFK

RIO DE JANEIRO — TAM Airlines says one of its jets took off from New York's JFK airport but was forced to return 20 minutes into the flight because of a mechanical problem.

United retires its last Boeing 737

Wednesday marked a bittersweet milestone in aviation history.

Dreamliner turning into Boeing’s nightmare

When Boeing Co. unveiled plans to build the 787 Dreamliner, the aircraft was touted as revolutionary, a major technological shift in the way a plane is made and in the way it operates.

Air traffic controller bantered before crash

WASHINGTON – The air traffic controller banters and chuckles, engrossed in a teasing phone call with a giggling friend, unaware that two aircraft are on a collision course over New York's Hudson Riv

Woman sues airline after being ordered off the plane. Three years...

A New Mexico woman kicked off an airplane at the Burlington International Airport three years ago for breast feeding her baby is suing Delta Airlines.