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Tag: plane crashes

Pilot killed after plane crashes into river at Polish airshow

mm Chief Assignment Editor- June 15, 2019

The terrifying moment when a two-seat light aircraft crashed into a river after a stunt-gone-wrong at an airshow in the ... Read More

Finally! Boeing CEO admits failure to properly implement 737 MAX safety alert feature

mm Chief Assignment Editor- May 30, 2019

Dennis Muilenburg, the President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Boeing Company, said his company failed to properly implement ... Read More

Plane crashes into the Atlantic off Palm Beach coast

editor editor- February 2, 2019

A Piper PA-32R, a small fixed-wing propeller plane, has crashed into the Atlantic Ocean 23 miles off the coast of ... Read More

Major plane crashes involving New York City airports

editor editor- January 16, 2009

Feb. 1, 1957 - Twenty people died when a Miami-bound airliner crashed onto Rikers Island moments after taking off from ... Read More