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Open to tourists: Pilgrimage of Russian art to the Vatican

An exhibition event after two years is once again bringing two museum institutions together: the Tretyakov National Gallery in Moscow and the Vatican Museums.

A pilgrimage of thanks in the Holy Land

Following the invitation from Israel Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov, 31 of the 33 miners who were rescued after spending 68 days trapped underground in a mine in Chile are arriving in Israel, accom

Israel Ministry of tourism develops new Catholic pilgrimage itinerary

NEW YORK, New York – The Israel Ministry of Tourism has released a new booklet entitled, A Holy Land Pilgrimage: In the Footsteps of the Virgin Mary, which details a new Catholic pilgrimage itinerar

Pilgrimage to Normandy

GIVERNY - There is something second nature about the landscapes of the French region of Normandy.
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