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Virgin Zulu dancers cover up after European tourists take pictures

Young virgins have been performing the Zulu Royal Reed Dance for centuries wearing nothing but beads and short fringed skirts.

US launches holiday snaps website

The five million British and Irish people who visit the US every year can now upload their holiday snaps onto a new official tourism website.

Candid camera snaps tourists in Sin City

If you were strolling past the fleshpots in the Thai resort town of Pattaya recently, be warned: you might have been photographed and now, thanks to a company called MapJack, anyone in the world can see what you were doing.

Beijing police clamp down on “Bird’s Nest” tourists

BEIJING - Beijing has moved to crack down on drivers who park their cars illegally on a major highway to take snaps from a pedestrian bridge with good views of the major Olympic stadiums, local media reported on Sunday.