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Student Travel Bureau welcomes new VP of Business Development

SAO PAULO, Brazil - Mr. Jose Carlos Hauer Santos, Jr., President of the Student Travel Bureau (STB) announced today that Mr.

Another tourism CEO to quit

LONDON (eTN) – This season is really turning up to be the season for exiting chief executives of tourism organizations.

Peter de Jong – his legacy as seen by himself

As PATA CEO Peter de Jong is leaving Asia Pacific’s prestigious travel trade association in less than ten days, eTurboNews got an exclusive interview on the reasons for the move and on De Jong’s r

Abandon ship: exiting CEOs make for a trend in tourism

With salaries as high as US$600,000 plus perks, such as first-class travel accommodations and all-expenses paid, it is no wonder high-ranking executives latch on to their jobs.

PATA chief tells detractors: Get a life!

HONOLULU (eTN) - Peter de Jong, president and chief executive officer of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, has broken his silence over recent allegations concerning the Bangkok-based travel organization’s US tax filing.

Is Bangkok Post really playing fair?

BANGKOK, Thailand (eTN) - The Bangkok Post is Thailand’s most influential English-speaking newspaper with a solid reputation for respectability. Following the recent of articles attacking the Pacific Asia Travel Association, the newspaper chief editor should maybe look back at its way to provide one-sided information on the tourism and travel industry.

PATA in a pickle over what’s public

Mr. Peter de Jong’s explanation is largely irrelevant, as the IRS disclosure rules state: “the organization must make its annual information returns available for public inspection without charge at all of its principal, regional and district offices during regular working hours.”

PATA in a pickle over what’s public

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is so healthy these days its financial statements make for good reading. That is if you can get your hands on one.

Asia-Pacific’s best take on PATA CEO challenge

(eTN) - Leaders are joining the inaugural PATA CEO challenge in Bangkok on April 29 and 30 in an effort to share initiatives and plans to counter the impact of climate change, arguably the single greatest challenge facing our planet today.