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EU: States entitled to penalize airlines that make too much noise

EU member states are entitled to penalize airlines that make too much noise in built-up areas near airports, a top adviser to the EU's highest court said on Thursday.

AirTran fined $500K for disability rules violations

WASHINGTON — The Transportation Department said Monday that it has issued a $500,000 civil penalty against AirTran Airways for violating rules about accommodating disabled travelers.

South African antitrust regulator: Penalize carriers in price-fixing scheme

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's antitrust regulator said Thursday it is recommending a penalty of 10% of annual revenue against airlines accused of fixing prices on fuel surcharges and cargo rates.

Delta’s trade name violation results in $40K penalty

MINNEAPOLIS — The Transportation Department is hitting Delta Air Lines with a $40,000 penalty for failing to tell some customers that their flights would be operated under the "Delta Connection" nam

FAA adds $300,000 in new penalties againt American Airlines

DALLAS — Federal regulators have hit American Airlines with $300,000 in new penalties over maintenance issues.

Hawaii state legislators to address multiple Monk Seal killings

HONOLULU, HI - Senator Gary Hooser has introduced Senate Bill 2441, upping the penalty for harming or killing the Hawaiian Monk Seal and all other endangered species in Hawaii.

FAA closes Southwest Airlines cases unrelated to inspections

WASHINGTON – When federal aviation regulators settled a $7.5 million civil penalty against Southwest Airlines this month, the agency praised the airline's decision to agree to safety improvements th