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Ferry transport shortage prompts return of previously-banned ships in Tanzania

(eTN) - Information was received from a source in Dar es Salaam that the Zanzibari maritime authorities have lifted the bans on two previously-grounded ships, one out of service for several months alr

Four in court as manhunt for captain of stricken Tanzania ferry...

(eTN) - Four people were charged in a Zanzibar court on Saturday for being responsible for the death of over 200 passengers when a Tanzania ferry sunk enroute from Unguja to Pemba.

Zanzibar government denies knowledge of owners of sunken ferry

(eTN) - In an extraordinary, though not unprecedented turn of events, the government of Zanzibar has reportedly denied having any knowledge of the registered owners of the MV Spice Islander.

Karume Airport in Pemba set for further upgrades

(eTN) - The local airport, or rather in its present state - aerodrome, on Pemba Island is due for upgrading soon, the deputy minister in charge of infrastructure of the Zanzibar government announced l