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Jamaica’s Tourism Minister Bartlett mourns the death of Senator Frank Pringle

Jamaica's Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett has offered condolences to the family of former Minister of Tourism, Senator Donald Frank McKenzie Pringle, who died...

Shalom from the city of peace: Jerusalem

There is an ancient Jewish belief that each soul is a special “pearl of life”’, a necklace of jewelry that shines through the darkness of history and adds beauty to the world. Yesterday, the last night of Chanukah, the feast of lights, was such a day.

Visiting Jerusalem: Shabbat Shalom from a city that nourishes both body...

"A cold rain fell all day Friday here in Jerusalem, yet we turned the dreariness of the day into a metaphor for the pains of the past and tomorrow’s dreams," reports Dr. Peter Tarlow from Israel. Israel is the perfect place as a center of history and a place of great food.  

What’s new in France for 2019?

France is always an exciting destination but the year ahead promises a buffet of intriguing events beyond the capitol. Here are the top reasons...

Pakistan school girl shot by Taliban deserves Nobel Peace Prize

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Malala Yousufzai is a symbol of undeterred courage to confront forces of oppression and bigotry, and she has become a global symbol for peace.

Sudan and South Sudan on the road of cooperation and peace

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The following is being released by the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan:

Peaceful Seychelles influences Malagasy Leadership talks

The Seychelles government has been praised as the hosts of the recently-concluded Malagasy Leadership talks by South African Special Envoy to Madagascar, Deputy Minister for International Relations an

IIPT and UNWTO to partner in peace through tourism

STOWE, Vermont, USA –The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) is proud to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the World Tourism Organization (UNW

New board of The Region Initiative begins work at start of...

The restructuring of The Region Initiative (TRI) was approved during the TRI Tashkent at the November 23, 2011 meeting by its country representatives of South Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

Maldivian VP to UN: Arab Spring is proof that Islam...

The political transitions in various Arab countries this year demonstrate that Islam is compatible with human rights and democracy, the vice-president of the Maldives, Mohamed Waheed, recently told th

World Tourism Day celebrations in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (eTN) - World Tourism Day celebrations are in high gear in Pakistan and tourism-related organizations are holding events around the country while mega events are being held at 105-

Seychelles commends commitment of East Africa on peace work

The Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs has today commended the commitment of the Eastern Africa Standby Force Coordination Mechanism (EASFCOM) countries for working towards peace and stability in

Zanzibar to launch second major cultural festival

(eTN) - September 2 through 4 will see the inaugural edition of the "Jahazi Literary and Jazz Festival," to be officially launched by Zanzibar’s President Ali Mohamed Sein.

2011 Global Peace Index: World less peaceful

WASHINGTON - Levels of world peace dropped for the third consecutive year according to the 2011 Global Peace Index (GPI), released today.

As tourism season nears, Kashmir prays for peace

Srinagar - The shadows of violence still linger but the hills and meadows, lakes and valleys beckon, and tourists are once again flocking to Kashmir.

Does tourism promote peaceful coexistence?

Tourism professionals and tourism scholars have long grabbled with the question if tourism promotes peace. Certainly this is a concept that tourism industry professionals want to believe.

Jordan offers a daring discovery: It is safe

Jordan’s travel and tourism industry is to be commended for doing what destinations normally shy away from in times of crisis — confronting the problem head-on.

Kenya’s tourism stakeholders demand peace from government

(eTN) - The current series of wrangles, spits, and spats in the Kenyan government over new appointments and a range of other issues, following the introduction of a new constitution last year, has not

Minister: Be hospitable to tourists and respect them

ITANAGAR, India - Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Dorjee Khandu on Wednesday made one more appeal to people to help in transforming the state into a favourite tourist destination.

Ban and Chinese Foreign Minister stress need for peace on Korean...

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today discussed the situation on the Korean peninsula with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, with both men stressing the need for peace and stability in the region

Highland Games – Kenya style

The grounds were prepared, the grass cut and cut again, hundreds of flags - and new trousers - were churned out in the pedal machine by taylor Kariuki Gitau, many tents were erected in case of rain, w

2010 UN NGO Peace Award finalist offers a life changing experience...

Relief Riders International (RRI), an adventure travel company that leads relief missions on horseback through the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India, has made the top 10 list of finalists for the 2010 U

At the heart of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern...

The fight against piracy and the stabilization of Somalia was at the heart of the discussions at the 10th Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Afri

Peace prevails in Rwanda presidential election

(eTN) - As suggested by this correspondent in several articles leading up to the presidential elections in Rwanda, it was indeed the case as the "land of a thousand hills," Rwanda, went to the polls o
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