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HotelTravel.com makes it easy to pay with PayPal

PHUKET, Thailand - HotelTravel.com is pleased to announce today that it is now accepting PayPal as a fast, secure payment method for its customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

HotelTravel.com inks PayPal agreement

PHUKET, Thailand - HotelTravel.com has signed an agreement with PayPal, the leading global online payment gateway, and will officially launch the new payment option to customers by early October.

PayPal enters sponsorship agreement with Traveldaily China Travel Distribution and Tech....

(August 15, 2008) - Traveldaily (www.traveldaily.cn), China’s leading online publisher with emphasis on the distribution, marketing and technology trends in the travel and tourism industries, today

PayPal adds Delta Air Lines to list of merchants

PayPal has added Delta Air Lines to its long list of merchants that accept PayPal payments for online sales. Customers booking travel at delta.com now have the option to use their secure PayPal accounts when purchasing new airline tickets.