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Judge: TUI UK must pay out to tourists who fell ill

A judge in Birmingham has handed a landmark victory to 49 holidaymakers who contracted serious illnesses at a Majorcan hotel after ruling that one of the biggest tour operators in the UK failed to pro

New Tanzanian payment system needs changes

Some of the Tanzanian tour and safari operators have requested changes to the present system of paying for park entrance fees, which – to counter fraudulent practices at the various gates – was in

US Airways to pay to six imams it kicked off a...

WASHINGTON — US Airways has agreed to pay "undisclosed damages" to six imams it kicked off a flight in 2006 because of alleged suspicious activity, a prominent rights group said Tuesday.

Visa releases outlook for travel to Canada

According to Visa Inc., tourism continues to drive economic growth worldwide, particularly travel to Canada.

Airline to compensate Schiphol crash passengers

Turkish Airlines has announced that it plans to pay damages to all of the passengers on the plane that crashed at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport last week.

Airline ordered to pay $400,000 To ‘whistleblower’

NORWALK - Federal authorities have ordered a Connecticut-based cargo airline to pay more than $400,000 to a flight crew member who was fired after raising safety concerns.

Iraq agrees to pay Kuwait Airways $300 million

BAGHDAD (AP) — The Iraqi government says it will pay $300 million in compensation to Kuwait Airways Corp. for claims related to Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of the neighboring emirate.

Tourists held to ransom by Turkish hotel in Antalya over unpaid...

More than 100 Belgian and French tourists, mostly pensioners, are being "held to ransom" by a hotel in Turkey after their Belgian travel company hit financial problems, trip organizers said Sunday.

LAX board may have illegally paid tourism bureau

The FAA launched an investigation in July to determine whether LAWA has violated federal spending laws since 2002, when it provided the funds to L.A. Inc.

Fort Lauderdale settles lawsuit with widow of tourist

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Fort Lauderdale city commissioners have agreed to pay $97,000 to a Canadian tourist whose husband died after tripping on an uncovered water meter in the sidewalk.

Toronto summit to discuss new payment methods for airline tickets

Pittsburgh – Airlines face slim profit margins because their high fixed costs of labor, equipment and fuel leave them few cost-cutting options.