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Ecological aspect of expanding Tashkent

TASHKENT, Uzbekistan (eTN) - Circumstances for my recent travel to Uzbekistan were not appropriate for me, because my doctors have advise me to keep away from any food that has animal fat and fried it

Parks in Africa receive global support for sustainble tourism efforts

International development banks, UN agencies, and intergovernmental organizations have pledged to support the sustainable development of tourism in a network of parks spanning ten countries in West Af

Sri Lanka developing spice parks to attract visitors

Colombo - Sri Lanka Department of Agriculture has decided to develop two spice gardens in the island in view of the resurgence in tourist industry following the end of war.

Uganda oil companies come under scrutiny

Fresh allegations were made by some wildlife managers that the present oil exploration in areas both inside and outside national parks and game reserves was responsible for killing wildlife in the aff

How does Botswana succeed in tourism while Zambia does not?

While I was sitting at the beautiful Wilderness Safari Lodge, I couldn’t help but compare Botswana and

Kwaheri Ya Kuonana from Rosette Rugamba

Rosette Rugamba, the outgoing director general of

Rwanda Development Board changes may go further than initially expected

"We will concentrate on policy and advocacy" is the tenor of insider news now slowly emerging from the Rwanda Development Board, following intense efforts to get details about their planned restructur

Queensland government to establish eco-tourism operations

LOW-impact holiday accommodation will be built in or adjacent to seven national parks in Queensland under a State Government plan to boost eco-tourism.

Pot farms infesting US tourist spots

Drug traffickers are planting millions of marijuana plants on U.S. public lands ever closer to tourist sites, guarding their plots with heavy weaponry, federal authorities say.

Disney layoffs bad news for tourism industry

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Disney announced a series of layoffs this week, and one economist said it may be just the beginning of more bad news for the tourism industry.

All is not well at the parks as tourists keep off

Last November, George Gaiti opened a souvenir shop, Mega Gift Shop, at the far end of the Nairobi National Park compound. It was also visible to the drivers on the busy Langata Road. His business model was to offer both domestic and international visitors a place to relax and enjoy Kenya’s natural heritage on the veranda while sipping coffee or tea.
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