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Ukrainian tourist arrested in Indonesia’s restive Papua

Indonesian police in restive Papua on Saturday detained a Ukrainian tourist attending a prayer session to commemorate the 51st anniversary of the region’s movement for independence.

Increased direct budget flights to Lombok, Papua, Sulawesi and Kalimantan

Traveling to exotic destinations in Lombok, Central Sulawesi, and Papua is now easier and faster as Indonesia’s low-cost carriers (LCCs) aggressively increase flights and open up new routes to citie

Baliem Valley Festival 2011: into the heart of Papua

Explore the last frontier of Indonesia’s remote Papua Island, embark on a spectacular cultural journey, and attend the Baliem Valley Festival scheduled to take place from August 8-11 this year.

Indonesia jails five Australian tourists for landing in Papua

AN ill-fated sightseeing adventure has landed five shocked middle-aged Australians in prison in Indonesia's troubled Papua region.

Detained Australian group in Papua ‘for tourism opportunities’

A group of Australians detained in Papua after landing there illegally last Friday have told officials they travelled to the tightly controlled province to assess tourism opportunities.