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Swat Summer Festival planned to promote tourism in Pakistan

SAIDU SHARIF, Swat Valley, Pakistan - All arrangements have been finalized for the four-day Swat Summer Festival starting from June 20, says the civilian and military administration in Pakistan, as re

PM constitutes committee for restructuring Pakistan International Airlines

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan constituted a four-member committee on Friday headed by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar for the restructuring and reforming of Pakista

Pakistan cautions its citizens over traveling to India

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan on Tuesday advised its citizens traveling to India to exercise “due caution” following reports that their security “may be in jeopardy,” the Dispatch News Desk (

India and Pakistan sign new travel visa regime

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - An accord regarding the new travel visa policy has been established by Pakistan and India, and it is being hoped that this visa agreement will prove to be a landmark, which will

A journey through true Uzbekistan

I have been traveling in the quest of knowledge of past and finished many journeys through lost civilizations like remains of Mohenjo-Daro, Harrapa, Taxila, Swat, and Gandhara Civilization traces in P

Tourism network wants to protect Silk Road name

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (eTN) - Networking of responsible tourism organizations under the banner of "The Region Initiative" (TRI) has appealed to Chinese government not to use name "New Silk Road" for its

Disaster after disaster equals no tourism ministry for Pakistan

PAKISTAN (eTN) - Pakistan is a country that is facing its worst conditions ever regarding its tourism industry.