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Halloween attracts Asian tourists

“Hello, we are coming for Halloween. Tell us more about that day, as we don’t have it in Japan,” a tourist wrote to Pacific Islands Club Saipan’s sales office.

Ancient mystics, sunken galleon stories and hotel revenue

Every hotel searches for a hook, for a way to capture customer interest and “wow” them. Some may have ghosts that can attract the curious.

The hotel that makes a difference in Micronesia

If there was a nomination for the most sports-oriented hotel in Micronesia, the winner in this category would be Pacific Islands Club Saipan ( www.picresorts-saipan.com ).

Pacific Islands Club Saipan hosts 4th annual International Point Break Challenge

This past weekend, the Pacific Islands Club Saipan hosted the 4th Annual International Point Break Challenge, inviting recent winners from the contest in Seoul at Caribbean Bay in August 2010.