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PATA names Tomorrow’s Tourism finalists

BANGKOK, Thailand - The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is pleased to announce the finalists of the 2011 "Tomorrow’s Tourism" competition.

IATA hails PATA’s key role in Asia Pacific travel and tourism

BANGKOK, Thailand: Giovanni Bisignani, director general and chief executive officer of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), has hailed the Pacific Asia Travel Association’s (PATA) uni

Memorable times for PATA CEO Greg Duffell

BANGKOK (eTN) - While PATA Board of Directors will meet from this coming Thursday in Hawaii, PATA CEO Greg Duffell talked to eTurboNews Senior Editor Asia Luc Citrinot about the deep changes that the

ASTA chooses to stay mum about Egypt

Like the other contributors, American Society of Travel Agents president Tony Gonchar was asked for a response. The objective was to provide an American perspective to the mix.

PATA announces 2011 Grand and Gold Award winners

BANGKOK, Thailand - The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2011 PATA Gold Awards.

Telling stories is key in responsible tourism, exec says

According to Justin Francis, chief executive and co-founder of www.responsibletravel.com, telling stories is key to spreading the message of responsible tourism.

Signing of an important agreement between World Centre of Excellence for...

The World Centre of Excellence for Destinations (CED) announced today the signing of an important agreement with the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

PATA confirms sharp decline in arrivals to Asia-Pacific with mild recovery...

BANGKOK (eTN) - The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) released data on arrivals to Asia Pacific confirming that the region has been particularly affected.

Applying tourism’s lessons learned from SARS to swine flu

The global tourism industry is right to be concerned about swine flu and its potential impact on global tourism.

New CEO means clean slate for PATA

Last year, the Pacific Asia Travel Association came under fire, resulting to the early departure of its then chief executive, Peter de Jong.

Asia Pacific tourism deteriorating rapidly

Asia's volatile politics in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Macau didn't help when travel markets from Hong Kong to India began projecting negative travel growth in 2009.

Tourism bodies get vital support from airlines and airports

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (eTN) - Representatives from national tourism organizations, airlines and airports around the world were among the 2,500 delegates at the 14th World Route Development Forum (Rou

Former PATA leader speaks out

A former chairman of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has called for a comprehensive probe into PATA’s financial management as well as a membership survey to determine its future directions.

PATA chief tells detractors: Get a life!

HONOLULU (eTN) - Peter de Jong, president and chief executive officer of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, has broken his silence over recent allegations concerning the Bangkok-based travel organization’s US tax filing.

Is Bangkok Post really playing fair?

BANGKOK, Thailand (eTN) - The Bangkok Post is Thailand’s most influential English-speaking newspaper with a solid reputation for respectability. Following the recent of articles attacking the Pacific Asia Travel Association, the newspaper chief editor should maybe look back at its way to provide one-sided information on the tourism and travel industry.

PATA in a pickle over what’s public

Mr. Peter de Jong’s explanation is largely irrelevant, as the IRS disclosure rules state: “the organization must make its annual information returns available for public inspection without charge at all of its principal, regional and district offices during regular working hours.”

PATA in a pickle over what’s public

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is so healthy these days its financial statements make for good reading. That is if you can get your hands on one.
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