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South America tourism calling

COLOMBIA AeroRepublica is member of IATA

Pablo Escobar’s ranch still a tourist magnet

Sixteen years after Pablo Escobar died in a hail of bullets, crowds of tourists are descending on his luxurious ranch to celebrate the tacky taste and violent times of South America’s most notorious

Tales for tourists in Escobar’s zoo

PUERTO TRIUNFO, Colombia — African animals bought with the spoils of one of the world's most infamous drug traffickers are these days on show for thousands of tourists in a Colombian ecopark.

Slain drug lord’s ranch becomes a tourist stop

HACIENDA NAPOLES, COLOMBIA — The scavengers have come and gone. The lookout tower sentries have disappeared. The main house lies in ruins.

Colombia’s Medellin: City transformed

On that given afternoon in December last year, a stroll down Medellin, Colombia’s center provided a glimpse of how the city once referred to as “the murder capital of the world” has managed to l