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Will carry-on fees end overweight luggage overhead?

It appears that Spirit Airlines' latest fee levy for carry-on luggage was the straw that broke the camel's back. Passengers have simply had enough of the never-ending deluge of airline fees.

Overweight passengers should inquire about seat policies before booking flight

Each airline has its own guidelines on whether overweight passengers should buy more than one seat and how much it costs."Too wide for the sky?"

A skinny airline passenger has rights, too

Robert Evans climbed aboard a small US Airways Express jet in El Paso this past summer and found a very large man occupying half of his seat."This," he told a flight attendant, "is not right."

Overweight? Here’s how to find which airlines have widest seats

If you are an overweight traveler flying coach and are worried about being charged for two seats by United Airlines or any other airline, here's one tip -- certain aircraft and certain airlines have w

AAPR blasts United Airlines decision to discriminate against people of size

The Association for Airline Passenger Rights (AAPR) today blasted the decision by United Airlines to violate the civil rights of people of size by charging them for two tickets if they are deemed to b

Overweight Americans sink old boat-safety rule

The growth of America's waistline has hit the waterways. Since it's not polite to throw a man overboard, the U.S.