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Five cheapest overseas retirement destinations revealed

American couples can retire in comfort on a budget of less than $1,000 a month if they are willing to look overseas, according to a new report from the live-abroad experts at InternationalLiving.com.

Australians ditch domestic holidays for trips abroad

SYDNEY - Australian travelers are choosing to travel abroad rather than stay at home.

Research reveals bashful Brits get tongue-tied overseas

LONDON - 61% of British holiday-makers admit they don't try to speak the local language when travelling abroad for fear of embarrassing themselves.

VISA waiver boosts US travel

With the expansion of the

2009 Data on overseas visits to the US

Today the US Department of Commerce announced the states, cities, and territories that benefitted from overseas travelers to the United States.

Less Americans traveled internationally last year

Preliminary results from the US Department of Commerce indicate that the US outbound non-stop air market totaled 38.7 million in 2009, 3 percent less than in 2008.

Allbury Travel collapses less than a week after Scotland’s Globespan airline...

Allbury Travel, which specialised in holidays to Greece and Cyprus, has gone bust and left 100 customers overseas. Its demise follows the collapse of Scottish airline Globespan last week.

Canada: US tourist numbers down, overseas numbers up

Americans made fewer trips to Canada in October but tourists from overseas flocked to this country during the month, according to government data.

Mechanics target outsourced aircraft maintenance

The union that represents mechanics at American Airlines plans to launch a publicity campaign on Wednesday aimed at steering travelers away from airplanes maintained overseas.

An introduction to the world of the cruise ship career, who...

With 17 new cruise ships in service in 2008 and over 64 having been commissioned since 2000, the cruise ship industry has become one of the fastest expanding job sectors in the world.

Advice: Tourists should try to fit in

Leave your khaki shorts at home: If you're traveling overseas, you should avoid dressing like a tourist—and not just because it embarrasses your kids.

Tourism losing the next generation

Children denied family holidays in Australia are likely to grow up seeking trips overseas, contributing to a broader decline in domestic tourism, a report by Tourism Australia has found.