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New York tour operator cancels Bronx ‘ghetto’ tours

NEW YORK, NY - A New York company offering tours of Bronx neighborhoods has shut down after officials objected to its advertising that claimed to give visitors "a ride through a real New York City 'gh

Saudi government electronically monitoring women’s travel abroad

When word started spreading last week that Saudi women -- already some of the most oppressed and restricted in the world -- were being monitored electronically as they left the country, activists were

Tourism minister poses with dead deer’s testicles on his head

A Spanish politician has sparked outrage after a picture of him posing on top of a dead deer with its hacked-off testicles perched on top of his head was posted online.

Eiffel Tower to become world’s greenest tourist attraction

The Eiffel Tower is set to be transformed into a giant green ‘jungle’ covered in 600,000 plants.

Midwest Pilots express outrage at airline’s deal with Republic Airways

MILWAUKEE, WI (September 3, 2008) - Captain Jay Schnedorf, chairman of the Midwest Airlines unit of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), issued this statement today following Midwest Airlines' anno