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Number of Indians traveling abroad growing

MUMBAI, India - One of the indicators of the rise in number of Indians with disposable income is the fantastic statistics gathered by foreign tourism bodies on arrivals from India.

Chinese tourism: US must simplify visa application procedures

The United States policy to simplify visa application procedures for Chinese tourists has encouraged travel businesses, but Chinese tourism experts have urged the US side to take more substantial step

Philippines expects more Indian tourists in 2011

MANILA, Philippines - A big chunk of the 15 million Indian outbound tourists expected to travel to Philippines in 2011.

Looking to market to the lucrative and growing Chinese leisure travel...

Recognizing the high growth in Chinese Outbound Tourism and the high growth of Chinese Internet participation, two graduates from the Masters program of the prestigious Hotel School at Cornell Univers

Despite economic climate, most Canadians still plan to vacation

In the midst of frigid temperatures and a sub-zero economic climate, seven in 10 (69 percent) Canadians say they’re still planning to take a vacation within the next year.