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CLIA: Diversity of offerings by cruise ships makes big difference

More choice in restaurant styles, water sports, adventure tours, Broadway shows, kids-free zones -- the diversity of offerings by cruise ships makes a big difference to today’s cruise vacationer, ac

Weather cancellations and delays: Know your options

All of the storms we've had recently have put weather cancellations and delays in the minds of travelers.

JAL’s future to be decided by task force

TOKYO - With losses mounting, rival airline alliance groups facing off and a new government in power, the fate of troubled Japan Airlines Corp has been put in the hands of a five-man task force.

Cruise lines offer more options

Envision the revolutionary Patrick Henry standing up and declaring, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Welcome aboard! Want a seat? That’d be extra.

Airline travel is beginning to resemble a menu at a fancy steakhouse.Everything is a la carte.Airlines are charging extra for everything from meals to music. Baggage is the latest to be hit with a fee. Starting in May, many passengers on US Airways and United Airlines will have to pay $25, each way, to check a second bag.