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Samoa cancels Open Sky Agreement with USA

The Samoa Government has canceled a multi-nation open skies agreement which will be effective from July. The US Department of Transportation has informed the US airlines...

U.S. Travel Association announces new Executive Vice President

The U.S. Travel Association on Thursday announced the promotion of Tori Barnes to Executive Vice President of Public Affairs following the departure of Jonathan...

Africa Travel and Tourism: Trends for the New Year

Players in the travel and tourism ecosystem in Africa travel look forward to 2019 with full optimism.

El Al reaches agreement with government, ends strike

Israel reached an agreement with airline El Al on Monday to help cover its security costs, which ended a two-day strike and will help the flag carrier be competitive in an open-skies deal with Europe.

Tourism organizations from around the world discuss open skies and open...

The topical debate around open skies is one that has preoccupied tourism for some time now and is centered around authorities spending millions on destination marketing yet raising the barriers to tra

SESSION 2 – Opening skies means opening up for business

Jeff Poole, Head of Government Relations, IATA: If you look at open skies, it is not a big aviation issue. Look at the benefits of aviation.

WestJet welcomes Canada-Brazil air agreement

CALGARY - WestJet welcomed the announcement of the new, Open Skies-type agreement between Canada and Brazil.

Aviation news: Rwanda signs Open Skies agreement

(eTN) - Information was received last week from Kigali that Rwanda has, on the sidelines of the ICAO Air Services Negotiation Conference in Jamaica, recently signed an Open Skies agreement with Singap

European airlines: New EU-US pact disappointing

European airlines expressed disappointment that the provisional agreement on a second-stage EU-US open skies accord reached last week did not increase their access to ownership stakes in US airlines i

US and Europe ponder open skies

Phase two of the EU and US talks to deregulate aviation links have seen the two regions agree to expand cooperation on safety and security, as well as increased protection on US carriers from night fl

US-EU: Skies are open, but ownership agreement remains distant

European negotiators said European ownership of U.S. airlines was in sight after three days of "Open Skies" talks but reaction from the United States suggested agreement remained distant.

Japan-US “Open Skies” treaty opens untitrust immunity bids

The U.S. and Japan agreed on a draft “Open Skies” treaty, clearing the way for carriers including United Airlines, All Nippon Airways Co., and Continental Airlines Inc.

Historic US-Japan Open Skies agreement signed

US and Japanese government negotiators have signed an agreement on Open Skies that will establish and foster a healthy global aviation framework in the Pacific Rim and replace the existing bilateral a

EU backs ‘Open-Skies’ airline agreement with Canada

The European Union agreed to deregulate air travel with Canada, expanding trans-Atlantic competition in the face of an industry slump after a similar EU- U.S. “open-skies” deal.

Airline pact has lowered fares, experts say

London — Analysts say the year-old Open Skies aviation pact, which encouraged partnerships such as Delta Air Lines’ with Air France, has brought passengers lower fares and improved schedules even

Oman inks Open Skies Agreement with Singapore

Singapore has concluded an Open Skies Agreement (OSA) with the Sultanate of Oman to allow for full flexibility for air services operated by carriers of both countries.

Singapore concludes Open Skies Agreement with Iceland

Singapore and Iceland have concluded an Open Skies Agreement (OSA).

Abu Dhabi airline seeks Open Skies with Canada

Abu Dhabi-based airline Etihad Airways wants an Open Skies agreement with Canada.

Singapore concludes Open Skies Agreement with Malta

Singapore and Malta have inked an Open Skies Agreement (OSA) that allows for full flexibility on air services operated by carriers of both countries.

SA tourism reaps benefit of open skies

SA's decision to open its skies to increased competition from foreign airlines in the run-up to 2010 is finally beginning to pay dividends, says SA Tourism CEO Moeketsi Mosola.

US-EU Airline Pact possibly hampered by economic tumult

The open skies agreement between the US and the European Union goes into effect this weekend. But more choices and cheaper fares for travelers may be a little ways off, analysts say.

Talks spell ‘V’ for victory for Virgin Blue

AUSTRALIA and the US could sign an "open skies" agreement this week that will give Virgin Blue clearance to launch 10 weekly services to the US by the end of this year. The Government is pushing to get a deal finalised by Friday, with talks between the two governments scheduled to begin in Washington tomorrow.

Open Skies Will Boost Tourism And the Economy

Strict government regulations allow only certain airlines to use certain airports and only at certain times. This political restriction of our skies is inefficient and hurts not only our tourist industry but also the development of SA as a regional hub for international business.

This airline wins the most from ‘Open Skies’

(TVLW) - For Northwest, the skies truly have turned out to be open. The fifth largest U.S. carrier is perhaps the biggest beneficiary of two key liberalized aviation agreements reached this year. As a result of the open skies pact approved by the European Commission in March, Minnesota-based Northwest will operate three new flights to London's Heathrow Airport.
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