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London in-between the Olympics and Paralympics

LONDON (eTN) - It was fascinating to see the golden days of the Olympics Games 2012 (The Greatest Show on Earth), which has brought a new spirit and feeling of togetherness to Britain and even switche

Greek carriers to appeal EU ruling

Two largest Greek carriers, Olympic and Aegean, to appeal EU ruling that blocked their plans to merge, the airlines said on Wednesday.

13-year-old activist carries Olympic torch to honor children of the world

Bilaal Rajan, the 13-year-old UNICEF Children’s Ambassador, youth activist, best-selling author and fundraiser, carried the Olympic flame through the streets of Toronto on Thursday.

European Court of Justice fines Greece over Olympic subsidy

Europe's highest court, the European Court of Justice, has fined Greece 2m euros ($2.8m; £1.7m) for failing to recover state aid from Olympic Airways.

Greeks welcome Mid-East interest in national airline

Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis has welcomed Qatar Airways interest in the privatization of Greece's state-owned Olympic Airlines.

Olympic Airlines unlikely to win gold

LONDON - After the Alitalia saga, another European state-owned airline is ready for a private sale: Greece is putting its own Olympic Airlines on the block, and called on Tuesday for buyers to make an

Algae woes hit China’s Olympic sailing host city

BEIJING — To host the Olympic sailing events, the Chinese port city of Qingdao moved a massive boat yard, relocated industries and spent about $850 million on transport links, parks, pollution contr

Tibet reopened to foreign visitors

More than three months after a wave of violent anti-China protests, Tibet has reopened to foreign tourists, Chinese state media said.