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Oil spill continues to threaten New Zealand’s tourist beaches

Popular tourist beaches in northern New Zealand have been closed after oil leaking from a stranded cargo ship began washing up on the shore.

Tourists come back to Gulf beaches after BP oil spill

Visitor numbers for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida dropped in the wake of the disaster that caused 205.8m gallons to spill some 18 months ago.

Government assures Mauritians that beaches are safe

(eTN) - The recent grounding of a cargo vessel carrying rice to the Ivory Coast on a reef off the Mauritius shoreline has caused concerns of a potential oil spillage, which could be hugely damaging to

Florida tourism receives $30 million BP grant

Tourism in Florida is getting a $30 mililon boost from BP, state officials said Monday.

Visit Florida doing the math on economic impact of BP oil...

Florida seen the physical damage of the BP oil spill, now it's seeing the economic damage.Visit Florida is doing the math on the oil spill's negative effects on state tourism.

Governor, industry leaders discuss post BP oil spill tourism

Governor Charlie Crist today met with tourism and hospitality industry leaders in Fort Lauderdale to hear their recommendations for promoting Florida as a vacation and travel destination in the wake o

Chinese tourists swim in the sea near huge oil spill

Dalian, China - Holidaymakers in northeastern China have been seen swimming in the sea near the site of a huge oil spill, which could have serious consequences for their health, Greenpeace said Sunday

Study: Oil spill to cost Gulf coast up to $22.7 billion...

Perception is the wild card in how the oil disaster will affect the Gulf coast region's travel revenue, according to analysis conducted by Oxford Economics for the U.S. Travel Association.

Destination news: Florida faces tough task of luring tourists back

PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla. — Efforts to cap the oil well are under way.

Travel news: hotels offer “beach gurantees” to lure visitors back to...

Some of the world’s biggest hotel chains and travel companies are offering “beach guarantees” to lure visitors back to Florida and the Gulf States, where tourism is reeling from the worst enviro

Economic damage from BP oil spill may not spread beyond...

WASHINGTON — The BP oil spill has hammered the fishing and tourism industries along the Gulf of Mexico. But it appears the economic damage to the rest of the nation will be limited.

Gulf Coast summer canceled by BP oil spill

Santa Rosa Island, the home of Pensacola Beach, is known as the "Las Vegas of Beach Weddings," but 65 percent of planned weddings on this historic island have been scrapped this summer as the Gulf oil

New Orleans asks BP for tourism grant

Hoping to send the message that the Big Easy is open for business, the city of New Orleans has asked BP for a grant of $75 million over three years to mitigate any long-term effects the Gulf oil disas

Orbitz guarantees full refund of any Florida vacations affected by oil...

Responding to overwhelming concerns about whether booking a beach vacation anywhere along the Florida Gulf Coast is a good idea at this point prompted Orbitz to make an offer to anyone who wants to vi

Cruise ships’ departure times altered to avoid oil

MIAMI - Carnival won't sail its cruise ships at night through the Gulf of Mexico. It's too hard to spot the oil then.

Can Florida save its tourism despite the oil?

Oil began washing up on Florida's gulf coast earlier this month.

Tar balls avoid Mississippi, but so do tourists

BILOXI, Miss.—Few tar balls have hit the beaches here. Visitors aren't swimming away from patches of crude in the surf.

Spooked by the oil spill, passengers brave Bermuda Triangle

As oil fouls Gulf beaches, savvy souls sail the Sargasso Sea, some 1,600 miles away.

Study: Oil spill is going to ripple throughout Florida’s economy

With tar balls washing up on some Florida Panhandle beaches, the state's largest industry could take a huge hit.

Florida braced for damage to tourism

Floridians have found frisbee-sized oil clumps along Pensacola Beach, as the state braced itself for damage to its tourism and fishing industries from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil spill from damaged tanker prompts Singapore to close beaches

SINGAPORE – Singapore closed beaches along 7.2 kilometers (4.5 miles) of its east coast as an oil spill from a damaged tanker continued to spread Thursday.

Much of Louisiana unaffected by oil spill

SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER, Louisiana - The Louisiana Office of Tourism, along with other state and federal government agencies and private sector entities, continue to work together to monitor the impact of

Florida tourism campaign attempts to quell oil worries

KEY WEST, Fla. — Florida tourism officials are taking to the airwaves to try and combat worries over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Mississippi tourism official: Atlantic states stealing our tourists

A Coast tourism official says Southeast Atlantic resort areas are using “guerilla marketing” techniques to take away this region’s tourism dollars as misinformation on the meandering oil spill s

“Tar balls” could be the first sign that massive BP oil...

MIAMI — Park rangers discovered 20 "tar balls" on a Key West shore, prompting alarm Tuesday that the first sign of the massive BP oil spill had washed up on a Florida shore.

Tourism officials: Florida is open for business

PENSACOLA BEACH — Florida tourism officials sought Thursday to avert a coastal disaster of vacant hotels, idle fishing boats and empty restaurants caused by the growing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexi