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Goa tourism defends film festival spending

PANAJI, India - The big question is whether the International Film Festival of India (Iffi) has succeeded in raking in the tourism moolah, even as the tourism industry has defended the state exchequer

Jamaica’s tourism marketing strategy criticized

Tourism officials are being criticised for what has been deemed a "piecemeal" approach to marketing the island's tourism product.

Destination news: Arizona tourist numbers down

TUCSON - The slumping economy and fears of swine flu kept tourists away from Arizona in 2009, according to state tourism officials.

Tourism officials: Florida is open for business

PENSACOLA BEACH — Florida tourism officials sought Thursday to avert a coastal disaster of vacant hotels, idle fishing boats and empty restaurants caused by the growing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexi

Officials: Recovery of Hawaii’s visitor industry is under way

Hawaii tourism officials and their marketing contractors expressed cautious optimism Wednesday that a steady recovery of the state’s visitor industry is under way.

South Florida officials hope to lure Chinese visitors

FORT LAUDERDALE - South Florida tourism officials are courting Chinese travel agents and writers in the hopes of encouraging visitors from that country to stay in local hotels, dine in restaurants and

Taiwanese tourism chief departs for China publicity drive

Taipei - In yet another sign of increasing exchanges across the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan's tourism chief departed for China Wednesday at the head of a large delegation to attend an international travel f

US revokes diplomatic, tourist visas of Honduran officials

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — A Honduran official says the United States has taken away the diplomatic and tourist visas of 16 interim government officials.

ASTA announces officials election results

ASTA announced today the following ASTA members have been certified by George Delanoy, ASTA National Treasurer, as elected to serve in the respective offices indicated.

Amsterdam: Beer + Bike = Fun

In a canal-threaded city of bicycling masses, so-called “beer bikes” are part of the landscape.

Mexico tourist areas safe, hotels say

Hotel and tourism officials in Mexico say the country's tourism areas are safe - and get backing from US officials.

Officials trying to lure visitors, tourist dollars back to storm-raked Caribbean

San Juan, Puerto Rico — Caribbean tourism officials are working overtime to reassure reluctant travellers that plenty of sun-soaked islands were untouched by a recent spate of deadly tropical cyclon

NYC storm: Who you gonna call?

When a storm threatens NYC, what happens? Apparently, very little.