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Richard Branson turning his attention to submarine tourism

He once promised to send man to outer space and now entrepreneur and daredevil Richard Branson is turning his attention to another of the world's greatest undiscovered surfaces, in the shape of the se

Tanzania to boost naval capacity to guard against pirates

(eTN) - The Somali sea pestilence, aka pirates, aka ocean terrorists, will have another thing coming soon should they try to enter Tanzanian waters, which extends 200 miles into the open Indian Ocean

Seychelles ocean yacht regatta on for May

The Seychelles Tourist Board has confirmed to this correspondent that their planned ocean yacht regatta will go ahead between May 22-30, 2010 and that several top-rated skippers will participate in th

Major ocean security conference set for Seychelles

The Seychelles will host a regional ports security conference between May 26-28 this year in order to extensively discuss and devise strategies on how to better secure the sea lanes and offer shipping

Tourists repeatedly told to leave before 7 were swept into ocean

Acadia National Park rangers had repeatedly warned tourists to stay off a rocky shore Sunday before a hurricane-fueled wave swept several spectators into the sea near the popular attraction, killing a